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Thank You notes to your boss – Ideas to include in your card or letter to your manager

Updated on March 21, 2012

It is never a bad time to give a Thank You note to your boss regardless of whether it is National Boss' Day on October 16 or just another day when you want to show gratitude. From funny lines to heartfelt wishes to professional compliments, here are ideas that you can use to wish or thank your boss or an ex-boss. You can incorporate them in gift cards, labels, messages, text messages, formal and informal letters, emails or post-it notes.

Saying Thank You to your current boss

Thank your boss with a firm handshake and a lovely personalized card that tells him/her how much you appreciate your professional relationship.
Thank your boss with a firm handshake and a lovely personalized card that tells him/her how much you appreciate your professional relationship. | Source
  • I tried to think of a funny office prank or a joke to write in this card but thinking about how you have mentored me has made me feel very humbled, blessed and lucky to have a boss like you. Thanks for looking over my shoulder.
  • Just like you've filled out one performance appraisal form after another recommending me as a good employee over the years, I too given in a recommendation to the HR in writing about how good a boss you are. No need to thank me boss, I'm just reciprocating the appreciation that you have shown towards me and acknowledging your efforts to look after the needs of your employees. Happy National Boss' Day!
  • No certificate, degree, school, university or institution could have taught me the things that you have. My experience in working with the true professional like you has been nothing short of fantastic. Thanks for teaching me things that books wouldn't and imparting skills that have shaped my career and professional life.
  • You may not be the most perfect boss ever. But I still want to tell you that I really enjoy working under an imperfect boss. Thanks for being there for me.
  • All these years I've hated you. Today I realize how important your guidance has been in shaping how I perform and behave at work. Thanks boss!

  • I don't think any gift can do justice to the amount of wisdom and life experience that I've drawn from you. You have been more than just a boss at work. You have been a teacher, guide, friend and philosopher. Thank you.
  • After years of working here I have noticed that things keep on changing. Right from colleagues to company policies, everything changes at a pace that is hard to keep up with. The only thing constant was the support of a towering boss and inspiring leader like you. Thanks for everything boss.
  • What is really amazing is that you've helped me iron out not only work related issues but also stuff that was related to my personal life. Thanks for going out of your way and doing things that were not expected from you as a manager and a boss.
  • You may be my manager but I see you as a fatherly figure in my life. Your support, motivation and advice are the pillars of foundation of my personality at work. Thanks boss.
  • I spend more time at work than I do with family. I am not too happy about that but what I am glad about if the fact that I've got a boss as understanding as you. Thanks for being the best boss in the world.

  • While the management gurus may tell you that you possess extra ordinary leadership skills and are an inspiring leader, I tell you that you are a genuine human being and a fantastic boss. Thanks for looking beyond the paperwork and recognizing and rewarding my talent and contribution at work.
  • Just like you have not let my and hard work not go unnoticed, I want to let you know that your patience and genuine efforts to train me have not gone unnoticed either. Let this Thank You note be testimony to the fact that you are a genuine leader who cares for his employees as if they were family.
  • You have supported me when I was right and pulled me up when I was wrong, just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for being a boss and more importantly, a mentor who I will never forget.
  • Spotting talent is a gift that very few people in the world have. You seem to have that knack because you spotted me! Thanks boss.
  • When I first joined the company I found you to be a very annoying and rude boss. Over the years I have realized that I was naïve to have perceived your indirect mentorship and the wisdom you had to share, as annoyance. Thanks for everything.

  • When I started working I was inexperienced and naïve. Thanks to you, today I stand on a solid foundation of professionalism, hard work, smart work attitude values of professionalism and a passion to get the job done, no matter what.
  • A boss who is good looking, and great to work with, what more could I have ever asked for? Thanks for being my eye candy and a terrific manager!
  • You know how little children their parents "When I grow up, I want to be exactly like you"? Well I feel the same because I want to be exactly like you as my career progresses and I climb the corporate ladder. Thanks for showing me the way boss.
  • You show some tough love during the day but you make up for it by treating us to a round of drinks after work. As today is National Boss' Day, I want to say Thank You to you for being the coolest boss the world has ever seen!
  • It amazes me how you can handle happy, sad, excited, grumpy, elated, annoying and people who are nice at the same time. You've got some serious people skills which I hope I can learn some day. Thanks for being a great boss.

Saying Thank You to your ex-boss

Do you have an ex-boss who made a significant difference in your career path? Meet them today and show your gratitude with a nice little Thank You note.
Do you have an ex-boss who made a significant difference in your career path? Meet them today and show your gratitude with a nice little Thank You note. | Source
  • I didn't realize the importance of our splendid work relationship until I met my new boss. I now realize how patient you have been and how supportive you were of my career. As I face new challenges, all I can say is Thank You for allowing the individual inside me to flourish.
  • I'm amazed at the way you professionally gave a positive verbal recommendation for me despite our fall out. I will forever remember this lesson in life and I am grateful to you for looking beyond our differences and being the bigger person. Thanks boss.
  • I used to find you annoying and rude until I met my new boss who makes you look like the kindest boss on the planet. Like they say, the grass is always greener on the other side, which is why I overlooked the obvious and failed to see your genuine intentions. But they also say, better late than never, which is why I want to say Thank You for being a kind and tolerant boss.
  • Now that I've become a boss, I realize how difficult it is to manage others. I'm lucky I spent crucial years of my professional life working under a great boss like you and learning the ropes to people management. Today I look back at the years that have passed by and I want to thank you for mentoring me, professionally and personally.
  • We've had our share of ups and downs but looking back at how things turned out, I'd vote working with you as one of the best professional relationships I've ever had in my career. Thanks boss!
  • Today we all have moved on and I've become a high-flying corporate executive. The credit for my career growth goes to a strong foundation of values, professionalism and work ethics which were learnt while working with an inspirational boss like you when I started out at the bottom of the organizational hierarchy. Thanks for bringing out the best in me, boss.
  • My first job was working under a tough guy like you. No wonder I've myself become a boss who shows tough love but genuine care for employees. Thanks for showing me some tough love just when I needed it at the start of my career.
  • Over the years I have worked under many bosses .Some were good while some were bad. You stand out as the boss who ticked all the boxes when it came to professionalism and support. Thank you, and Happy National Boss' Day!
  • Cheers to the coolest boss I've ever worked with. Thanks for helping me out when I needed it the most.


  • Personalized messages like these are a fantastic way to show your gratitude. You can incorporate these ideas and use them to create your very own personalized message or even a poem and pen it down on a gift card for your boss.
  • If you just want to surprise your boss and leave liven up a dull Monday morning, simply scribble a line or two on a post-it and stick it on your boss' desk or computer monitor.
  • If you are leaving a company, you can thank your boss indirectly by crediting him/her as a source of inspiration and learning in your resignation letter. You may use ideas from the Thank You wishes in this article but make sure you tweak the tone and structure of the sentences to make it formal and appropriate for a resignation letter.
  • If you really want to go the extra mile, make up your very own wish for your boss, print it out on a large sized paper and stick it on his/her cabin window on National Boss' Day. Follow it up with a nice card or a gift for your boss and leave it on his/her desk. Be prepared for heaps of brownie points!


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