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The 1 Brick At A Time Way To Increase Productivity: 2nd Brick

Updated on August 25, 2010

The worker was putting together a presentation due the next day, and the CEO did not hesitate to sit down to help until the job was done. It could be concluded that this CEO knows himself so well that serving his employees comes second nature. To be a superlative leader, you have to understand the patterns of leadership that have been displayed through human history. In the opinion of many, Jesus Christ was a great leader, as he acted in the manner of the servant leader. Jesus was very self aware and demonstrated to history that in order to be a great leader you should act as a great servant. Gandhi and others have also proven the veracity of this concept. There's tremendous value in servant leadership. It takes a definite balance to get there.

4. Bottom Line

Knowing yourself pinpoints what you can improve upon, which helps you manage better so that productivity can increase. Think about how you can serve your employees or help them accomplish a task more quickly. They will in turn be motivated and feel valued. As your employees feel motivated and valued they will help sustain and increase your current customer base.

Action Steps

  • Know How Others Perceive You
  • Have A Personal Coach
  • Practice Servant Leadership

The Second Brick: Build Trust

"Leadership: the art of getting someone else to do something that you want done because he wants to do it." - Dwight D. Eisenhower

To increase productivity in your business, it's important to believe that people are a priceless commodity and to treat them as such. When respect is received and value felt, trust is cultivated. And managing and relating to people with trust employee or customer is necessary for sustainable business. Here are a few points for you to consider as you strive to build trust.

1. Provide Expectations and Invite Feedback

The qualities of patience, optimism, commitment, tolerance and perseverance are of foremost importance. These are reached with positive results in offices and at headquarters. Setting expectations and discussing how we proceed together helps any business interact with clients and employees more effectively. To earn trust, you have to have consistency. If your management style is lenient one week about an issue and the next week it is not, your employee may not take your directives seriously. So keep your expectations clear. Stop, ask questions and listen to your employees. Your employees need to trust you to give honest feedback. You have to nurture a strong culture of participation where feedback is encouraged. The most important resource is the human resource: give employees space to function and allow them to make mistakes.

2. Team Player Leadership

One of the biggest hurdles to effective management is getting beyond the guard-gated mentality and becoming a team. A team that is built on trust is a team that is built one-by-one and not as an organization. Each individual is a part of addressing the problems and building the solutions. Management is a two-way street. Ask yourself, what does your employee want to accomplish or learn? Allow them to get some skin in the game, and you'll find you're part of a winning team.

Action Steps

  • Maintain Clear Expectations
  • Encourage Open Communication
  • Be A Team Player

Continued In The 1 Brick At A Time Way To Increase Productivity: 3rd Brick

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