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The 24/7 work week

Updated on May 16, 2017
The 24/7 work week
The 24/7 work week

The 24/7 Work Week

A regular work week is usually 30-40 hours a week, depending on your job the question is, working 24/7 is that really a possibility, which would mean that you are working limitlessly in a sense wouldn't it? It depends on who you work for. People might work days or nights. Or they might even work for themselves. If you work days or nights, however, it might feel as though you work twenty-four hours, if you stay later then you are supposed to in order to get the work done. Or you bring work home if you can do that, in order to get it done. That is just like working 24 hours a week although you might not get paid for that work.

What about when you are a doctor or a nurse, or even a journalist. They are on call 24/7 if something comes up at the hospital the nurses and doctors are called in no matter what time it is, if there is a huge story for a newspaper, then a journalist is called in no matter what time it is when stories strike then people work. Have you ever had a twenty-four hour work week? If you have had a twenty-four hour work week, you will most likely need something to get you through it, whether it be energy drinks, water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate. Something to keep you going. Most people don’t work 24/7 they do get time off. What if you work for yourself, you probably feel like you work 24/7.

If you work for yourself, you never get a break because your phone is always ringing and it is always most likely a business. If you are a blogger or a journalist it depends on when you get the idea or story for what you are working on. You could have to go out to get a story at ten pm and then come back to the newsroom and write it, and this could happen every day of the week. Although most of the time you would probably have to write those stories at home, but still its work.

If you work for yourself, you are always working. If the phone rings it could be work, it never stops and that is another 24/7 work week because it never stops. If you are a blogger or freelance writer, you are always working on something. Your brain never shuts off, but that is not for writers or bloggers who have a 24/7 work week if you work nights or days or even very long hours, your brain is in overdrive. Having the 24/7 hour work week is good sometimes but bad at other times, I am going to explain to you why it is good and then I will go into why it could be a bad thing.

Having a 24/7 work week can be a good thing because, you are getting a lot of work done, but you never get a break but getting a lot of work done, is good because when you actually want time off you can take it and not feel bad that you are losing out in money. Also, a 24/7 work week can be good because it shows that your employer that you are dedicated or very organized in order to be able to work 24/7. Having a 24/7 work week can also be a bad thing though the reason why is because you never get a break. When you never get a break you can burn yourself out and get sick which stops you from working altogether.

Although if you work nights you are not working 24/7 the same goes if you work days. It really only applies to people who work from home, is journalists or work on the internet, for example, bloggers or content writers. Those people are the ones that don’t really get time off, because if you don’t work then you don’t get paid. Yes you can take time off, and most people who run businesses out of their houses, do that, but if you are journalist, content writer or blogger you don’t get that time off. The reason why is because you are on call 24/7 the same goes for people who work in the medical field and are on call. They no nothing different, but they like it like that, or there at least used to it.

Being a blogger, content writer or freelancer your brain is always working to come up with new material. With that, you can usually make your own hours, but with making your own hours and your brain not shutting off it feels as though you work 24/7 right? Remember if you are one of those people who have a 24/7 work week, to take a break, eat and move around a bit to keep your blood flowing you don't want to get sick because you are working too much.

If you write or work from home you know exactly what I mean, because there is always something relating to work that needs to be done. Why can’t you get some time off, you might ask yourself well you can it’s just that your brain has been programmed now to always be in work mode. That is what is bad about working for yourself, or being a blogger, being a journalist, a doctor or a nurse. Some of you might be able to turn your brain off from work, but if you do it long enough, it is going to be the only thing that you think about. Even when you work for yourself or from home you can stop when you want, and make your own hours but for the most part, it feels like a 24/7 work week because there is always work to be done whether you do it or not.

There are a few jobs that you can just leave at the office, but the jobs I listed above are not those types of jobs that you can leave behind and go back to the next day. You are always thinking about work, when you are in those jobs and if you aren’t then you are good at trying to separate yourself, although if you are on call there is no separating yourself because you always have to be available which means you are always working your day around the phone. If you work for yourself or work as a blogger, or freelancer you are working around the schedule you set for yourself, but if something comes up you are working around that because you are usually working at your own pace and on your own schedule. Things come up so you change your plans in order to fit everything in, and in the end, it feels as though you are working limitlessly also known as 24/7.

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Work, work, Work

Most jobs now though you have to bring home with you in order to get everything done that your boss wants to be done. Sometimes the 8 hour work day is just not enough time to get done everything that needs to be done. If you have to take work home or, your bosses can get a hold of you via text or call or you work from home, the work never stops. Since people think that you are always on call and that you will jump when they say to do whatever it is they are saying. In this day and age, our work days are limitless they feel as though they never stop.

We all feel as though we have a 24/7 work week because we are always thinking about work even when we are told to take a break our brains automatically go back to work. We are always thinking about how much of we still have left to do. Our work weeks feel as though they are 24/7 because we never get a break from it with the fact that our bosses can get a hold of us all day long we never just leave our work at the office it comes home with us.

Although if you work from home you can designate an hour where you just work and when you stop you actually stop working for the day. However with social media and the fact that most online businesses are a part of social media and that is how they work they don't really stop either because they are always answering messages and helping their clients or customers and since they can work from anywhere, if they have the internet on their phones they never really stop either.

With so many businesses being online now and so many companies traveling for work, the people left behind are always working. However if you work for a company and have to get work done after hours you don't get paid for that because you are salary for the most part, but if you work from home or for yourself, and you work 24/7 you are getting paid because it is usually how much you get done in a day, or what people see if you have something like a blog.

If you are always thinking about work, your work week never stops. Or at least that is the motto I go by. Sure you might not actually be doing work but thinking about it is the same thing in a sense isn't it? When we leave work we are supposed to leave it at the office, and not think about it until the next day. At least that is what we are told, or what our parents were told but as I mentioned before that doesn't happen anymore. So in a sense, we are all working 24/7 even if we work outside of the house. It is worse for the people who work from home, though because it feels as though your work is always staring you in the face. So you feel as though you have to get it done so it will stop staring you in the face.

However, when you work 24/7 you don't know how to relax or take a break because you feel as though if you don't get your work done it will last for a limitless amount of time and will never get done. That is why if you work from home or for yourself, or even for a company you have to learn how to stop and take a break and leave work at the office. We were never meant to work 24/7, not that, that has stopped us from trying but we don't want to burn ourselves out by working too much. Working 24/7 doesn't actually exist because we all need to sleep but it feels as though it does during our waking hours because that is all we feel like we are doing doesn't it?

When we say that we are working 24/7 or that our work week lasts that long. It is as if we are saying that we are working limitlessly, have we ever thought about what that actually does for the company or for our minds and bodies? If we don't take breaks our minds never get to rest which causes a lot more stress than it is actually worth, and that is why most people leave their jobs and go on stress leave. So is the 24/7 work week really a good idea? that is the real question " I don't think that it is, we weren't meant to work limitlessly, we were meant to go into the office and leave our work there, at the end of the day. Years ago that is, so why has that changed?

It has changed because we are now so power hungry and money hungry. We feel as though the more we work the more money we can make and that is all that we want. Money is all anyone thinks about this day which means we will work enough to make enough money to be comfortable so if we have to work 24/7 we will if that means more money for us to be comfortable, in the long run. That is why 24/7 work weeks are so much more common in today's day.

The 24/7 Work Week
The 24/7 Work Week

Working 24/7

Working can feel limitless most of the time. With the amount of work that we have to do, in a day. Working feels like it lasts 24/7 even though it shouldn't but with us being so much busier that is how it feels. It is as though we work more now than we did when I younger and I am only 27. It is like we are always working there is never time off, people can't live like that, and there are only 24 hours in a day which are all jam packed with work instead of relaxation.

What do you think the 24/7 work week is for you or do you even have a work week that lasts 24/7?

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