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The 3 Main Causes Of Procrastination And How You Can Avoid Them

Updated on July 14, 2016

Are You Ready To Fight Procrastination?

Procrastination, one of main killers of your dreams and your goals, if you do not learn how to overcome it, it can be destructive to your life. How many times you set goals but end up not doing anything about it? How many times you write down what you want to accomplish but you procrastinate on it? Have you ever told someone that you want to do this or do that, but ended up disappointing them?

So stop giving excuses of why you fail to do it. This is the right time for you to change your life and live the dream life that you have always desired. You are about to discover the 3 main causes of procrastination and how you can avoid them.

1. Feeling Overwhelming And Lost Focus

This is truly one of the most common reasons people procrastinate and put their tasks away. If you are running a business and you just started it, you will feel overwhelming most of the time. You have to handle too many tasks in the same time. You have to take care of the accounts, you have to market your business, you have to do the sales, you have to manage your people and so on and so forth. This is where people will start to feel overloaded and lost focus.

When you feel overwhelming and losing focus, you will tend to either do things the wrong way, or ended up not doing anything. The same goes if you are a student and you have too much homework to tackle. You will feel stress and in the end, you may procrastinate and not doing it.

The Solution

Ask yourself this question, “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer is “one bite at a time”. Yes, you have to handle the task one by one. You need to identify what is the most important task and get it done first.

For instance, you can break down your tasks into smaller actionable steps. Big target such as being a millionaire is not actionable. Therefore, you have to break down this goal into smaller action steps that you can actually do something about it. When you know what you need to do, all you have to do is to just do it.

When you lose your focus, review your goals and your to-do list. This will help you get back on track and know what you have to do during the day. Most people will just write down their goals and their to-do list, but they did not review them often enough. This is why majority of them fail to accomplish their goals and make their dreams come true.

2. Don’t Feel Passionate In Doing It

If your hobby is to play golf, I believe you will not procrastinate when it comes to the time to play it. This is another common reason people procrastinate in their life, because they are not passionate with what they do. If you hate doing mathematics homework, most likely you will procrastinate and delay doing it until the last minute when you have no choice but to do it.

Do you know why extraordinary people can succeed? The reason is that they love what they do and they do it with their heart, this is what makes them the best in their field, thus, they become successful. When you have no passion with doing something, you will end up not doing it. Therefore, the solution is to build your passion…

The Solution

How can you build the passion for the boring task that you hate doing? There are 2 ways to help you…

a) First, dig deeper into the subject matter. What you can do is to dig deeper and learn more about the task or the goal you want to get done. For example, if you want to create passion with playing tennis, all you need to do is to learn more about the tennis. You can read books, learn to play, watch tennis matches, sign up for a tennis course and more. The deeper you dig into the subject matter, the more passionate you will be.

Let me ask you, “How much do you know about badminton?” Chances are, if you are passionate with playing badminton, you will know everything about it. If you are not passionate with it, most likely you know nothing about it. The key is that you build the passion of playing badminton through learning more and digging deeper about it.

b) Next, you can make the process fun. If you hate doing homework, try to create fun while doing it so that you will not procrastinate on it. You can listen to your favorite songs or grab yourself your favorite beverage in order to add in the fun. Reading reports and washing dishes can be boring; hence, you can ask your friends or family members to do it together with you.

The more fun you put in, the more enjoyable it will be, and the more likely you will not procrastinate on it.

3. Fear Of Failure And Being A Perfectionist

Many times, people tend to put their tasks away because they think too much about doing it. They are afraid that what if things go wrong or what if they fail to accomplish the tasks. Put in another word, they simply think too much and ended up not doing the task. One of the best examples to show this is in the buying decision such as when you want to buy a car or a property. I have seen people who said they wanted to buy a property for investment, but because they are looking for the best investment property, they ended up not buying anything even after few years down the road.

Some people wanted to start their own business, but because of the fear of failure, they do not dare to venture out of their comfort zone. They rather choose to be an employee forever and abandon their dreams.

The Solution

The solution for this type of procrastination is very simple. You have to understand that nothing is perfect out there. There is no such thing as the best investment plan or the best stock that will give you the highest return in the whole market. We cannot predict the future. We can only plan for it. Thus, when you have done your research and preparation, just go ahead and do it. Take action right away since you have decided on it. The more you think and consider about it, the more likely you are going to procrastinate on it.

Another mindset that can help you overcome this is the optimistic thinking. Always think positively. There is no guarantee in life that things will go smooth just like what you have planed. Therefore, when things go wrong and you fail to produce the outcome that you want, just take it as an experience and feedback to learn from it. In fact, success was built on failure. Without failure, you can never succeed in life.


These are the 3 main causes people procrastinate. Now you have the solution to avoid this destructive habit. Learn the techniques and apply them in your life. Once you do that, you will see changes in your life and you will begin to move in the direction you always wanted.

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      Derrick Bennett 4 years ago

      Useful hub, by the way I am looking forward to checking out your website.