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The 3 Most Popular E-Commerce Websites in Malaysia

Updated on March 21, 2011

Browse, add to shopping cart, checkout. Do these words ring a bell? Chances are that many of us have conducted at least one e-commerce transaction in recent months. E-Commerce is the buying and selling of goods or services, on the Internet. E-Commerce websites are in abundance these days. In Malaysia, we can buy books, clothes and even groceries online, pay our monthly bills with a few clicks of the mouse and even sell off some of our old stuff that we never imagined anyone would want! So, be it a vintage collectable purchased over or that precious bargain RM99 plane ticket from our favourite budget airline, we should all enjoy the wonderful benefits of e-commerce.

We've checked out some of the many e-commerce websites in Malaysia and have decided to focus on 3 of what we believe are the most popular e-commerce websites in Malaysia:

We've all seen Air Asia's advertisements highlighting their incredibly low plane fares. Plastered all over their ads are references to its website, It is indeed hard to resist checking out their website. Visiting the website brings us to Malaysia's first online air-ticket reservation system. Features

  1. Online plane ticket and hotel booking
  2. Mobile ticket booking
  3. Web check in
  4. Holiday packages booking
  5. Baggage tracking service
  6. Online shopping

What's most appealing?

  • Ticketless booking
    Traditionally, authorized plane ticket agents have to issue plane tickets to customers, who in turn, bring along to the respective airline counters at the airport to receive their boarding pass upon check-in. works without the need for tickets. Customers need only purchase a ticket on its website and they will be issued a flight itinerary with a booking number. When they arrive at the airport, customers only need to refer to their booking numbers in order to check-in.
  • Web check-in
    Having this facility of being able to check-in online is a big thing. Previously, travelers would have to arrive at the airport much earlier than their departure time in anticipation of the long queues at the check-in counter. On, customers can check-in 7 days prior and up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure time. Upon doing so, they can print their boarding passes. Their passes need only be verified with their travel documents at the airport. Time saving, if you ask me!
  • Variety of Payment Methods
    For credit card options, you may pay with Visa, MasterCard, JCB or American Express. Users also have the option of direct debit payment.

Any complaint?

As with many popular e-commerce websites with tonnes of traffic, especially when a new deal is announced, the general feedback is that it is difficult to access the website at these times.

The e-commerce website I believe, will still be largely successful simply due to the high demand for low plane ticket fares. Everyone wants a good deal when they travel, they also want as little hassle as possible buying tickets and checking in and because offers its customers a solution, it should continue to expect a steady stream of customers. ( (

You've won the bid! Sounds familiar? Following in the footsteps of the incredibly successful international auction website,, is Malaysia's first auction website. People and businesses can buy and sell a wide range of goods and services on this Malaysian's first auction website. Features

  1. There are many auctions offers from Buy-it-Nows to RM1 deals
  2. Items are sorted into a variety of categories and easily searchable with keywords through a search engine
  3. A solid verification system to verify member status via handphone or MyKad number
  4. A variety of ways to make payment
  5. A Buyer Protection Plan that protects the interests of buyers and helps sellers increase sales

What's most appealing?

  • Online Trading
    The concept of buying and selling over the Internet is a gem. And the ability to bid and to see which bidder can pay the most for an item is always an inviting challenge. succeeds because of its business model that everyone has something they want to get rid of and that somewhere out there, your piece of junk is treasure to another.
  • Building a business allows sellers to set up a store on their site with a personalized look and feel. Users can browse through the store and see all the items that the seller has for sale without needing to search through all the items.
  • Verification system and Buyer Protection Plan
    There will always be cheats wherever we go and so with a solid verification system and a Buyer Protection Plan, it gives users a sense of security that all bids and sales are genuine and if there are any problems, each party is contactable.

My opinion is that the site looks a little cluttered at first sight. It takes some getting used to but on the overall, it's very addictive to shop on as the list of items available go on and on and on.

I believe will continue to thrive simply based on the fact that someone's junk is another's treasure. And to be able to shop for these little treasures online anytime, anywhere is a big plus point over your traditional weekend flea markets and bazaars. is the e-commerce website of Blooming Florists Sdn. Bhd. which deals primarily with sales of flowers and gift items such as chocolates, fruit baskets, cakes and pies and soft toys.


  1. Online shopping for its products and services
  2. Search Engine
  3. Secure Payment Methods
  4. Order tracking

What's Most Appealing?

  • Visually-appealing Shop Front
    Customers will have an easy time selecting items as the shop front is attractive with clear images representing the product. Prices are also available at first glance without having to dig deeper which is a great time-saver. Products are also categorized according to type and occasion which enhances the whole shopping experience.
  • Order Tracking
    When you've sent that first bunch of flowers to that someone special, naturally you would want to know when she's received it, so this feature is just wonderful.

I like the look and feel of this website, it's simple but thorough at the same time and does not try to accomplish too much. It achieves its purpose well.

So there you have it, if you haven't already had a feel of these 3 websites, do check them out to see e-commerce at work. The services available on these websites allow us to perform tasks much more efficiently and in much less time.

So, if you're feeling under the weather and can't make the trip to your local travel agent but still need to book that urgent plane ticket, you can do it online instead. Or if you've forgotten that it's your wedding anniversary the next day and the florist is closed, order your wife's gift and flowers online. Most e-commerce websites are available 24/7, all year round. No "Sorry, we are closed!" signs anymore. That my friends, is the beauty of e-commerce.


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    • profile image

      Farhan 4 years ago

      Now there are other competitive florists in the market too in Malaysia. One of them is I personally have had a wonderful experience with them.

    • ryancarter profile image

      ryancarter 7 years ago from Falkville, Alabama

      Nice hub. Good info on these sites.