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The 4 Essentials of Powder Coating, And What It Can Do For Your Business

Updated on June 27, 2014

Powder coating is a type of finish that can be applied to many surfaces in a variety of ways and styles. It is much like paint because it allows for a lot of creativity but it creates a longer, stronger, and more durable look for your business. There are a few essentials that one must know before beginning to work on their project. First of all, this product could be a huge asset to your company. This may seem like an over statement but in order to understand the benefits of powder coating, one must understand what it is.

The Product

Powder coating is a substance made up of many compounds and pigments that are mixed, heated, and ground together to form a powder that resembles baking flour. This powder is then shot onto the surface that is being treated by using a spray gun and special process called electrostatic spray deposition. This means that an electrostatic charge is added to the powder. This charge helps the powder adhere to the surface and create a stronger bond that is more resist to damage. The surface is then cured to further strengthen the powder by creating longer molecular chains and increasing the durability.

Now, the Benefits

Powder-coating has many benefits to offer over tradition liquid coatings. It creates a uniform coating without runs that may exist after a liquid coating and is much stronger. The powder application is also more likely to cover every nook of a complex shaped object, furthering the protection of the surface and the objects durability. It is also a green process meaning that it does not add to the waste and pollution of nature.

What Surfaces Can Benefit?

All plastic or metal surfaces can benefit from the use of a powder-coated of any color or finish on their surface. This includes things such as plastic surfaces such as signs and metal surfaces such as fences. Objects can be coated in any color or texture such as clear, plain color, or metallic. The many options for powder-coating mean that you can create a signature logo or color scheme for your business that can be implemented throughout your business’s location.

How Can You Benefit?

After reading about the many uses of powder coating, there still may not be an obvious benefit of its use of in your company. Think about it this way- what gets people’s attention more than anything? Color. A pop of color will grab anyone’s attention and once you have your attention, they will be drawn to your business. Now color is not a miracle, please do not expect a woman who is allergic to fruit, to all of a sudden be driven to buy mad amounts of fruit because you powder-coated your sign; but if you own a small business, the industry can be competitive. You want your location to stand out, especially if you are located in a busy shopping area. If a person looking to buy fresh produce is driving around looking for markets, they will be more inclined to buy from the business with a fresh, eye-catching sign or appearance. This draws the client in and then your product keeps them hooked.


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