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List of Common Customer Pet Peeves

Updated on May 19, 2018

Common Pet Peeves

When you go into a business premises to purchase goods or services, the last thing you expect as a customer is to be treated badly.

But poor customer service has become the norm rather than the exception and customers are increasingly getting disappointed with the service that they are getting.

The following are some common pet peeves that you may have already encountered as a customer:

  • Going to a supermarket and instead of the cashiers serving you, they are happily chatting among themselves as you helplessly look on
  • Waiting for what appears to be ages for the server at a restaurant to take your order and when it is taken, waiting even longer for the food and the bill to arrive at your table
  • Customers who incessantly complain that they are not being served and want to jump the queue
  • Supermarket baggers who have to lick their fingers to separate the bags. To make matters worse, they try to justify their actions when asked to stop.
  • Being ignored by sales reps because of the way you are dressed. They assume that just because you are dressed in certain manner, you do cannot afford the items on sale
  • Supermarket items that are constantly out-of-stock every time you want them. This can be a frustrating experience especially when you have commuted for long distances just to purchase them

What is the most common complaint by customers?

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The reason why people start a business is to satisfy a customer need and the reason why customers buy goods and services is to get value for their money.

But in many cases it appears that customers are a bother to the businesses where they seek these goods and services. Many customers are mistreated but do not complain loud enough for them to be heard.

Other common reasons for customer dissatisfaction are:

1. Being ignored

Have you ever entered a business premises and approached the receptionist with an inquiry only to be totally ignored? That is the most annoying response a human being can ever get - you feel like you are invisible to the person you are talking to!

The wise man who said " love me, hate me, but please never ignore me" must have had countless encounters with front office staff who totally ignored him in the same way. Companies should be very concerned with what happens at the front office because it is the point of contact with customer.

The front office is the face of the company and should not be left in the hands of incompetent or complacent staff. Businesses should staff the front office with their best and responsive staff members so as to avoid upsetting customers at the point of entry.

Feature creep

This term is used to describe the constant cramming of features into a product or service even if those features are not required by the end user. Another way to describe feature creep is the "Bells and Whistles" phenomena which simply denotes a product with attractive but unnecessary features.

2. Being offered unnecessary stuff

A product filled with so many features except that of which is required by the customer is just unacceptable! In an effort to remain relevant in the market, many companies churn out a new version of their model every season.

The features contained in their latest iteration do not solve the core problem that makes customers purchase the product in the first place. Customers queue for hours expecting to finally have the ultimate product only to be further inundated with numerous meaningless features.

3. Poor Customer service

Calling a customer care line that goes unanswered when a customer urgently needs help can be one of the most upsetting experiences to go through. One is left wondering if the companies should also open customer care lines to help resolve issues with their main customer care line. Many customers wish the products they buy never fail to the extent that it requires further engagement with the company.

First impressions really matter when it comes to the customer experience. The fact that call centres are most of the time not operated by the company offering the products could probably be the reason why there is a sense of detachment with customers.

Why spend so much money advertising a poor quality product? Sale pitches meant to push a product are very annoying, especially if they do not offer any solution to the customer problem.

4. Lies by Sales People

Many sales people will go to all means to ensure that they make a sale to the customer. They will even hype up the capabilities of whatever it is they are selling just to make the numbers. This practice is detrimental to the business in the long run.

A product that looks better in the ads than in real life is seen as very dishonest by the customer and a business loses credibility very fast. It would be better if the company invested all the money it used in its advertisement campaign for research and development (R&D) to develop better products.

5. Late Shipments

Promising delivery in one week then making all kinds of excuses when late by over 2 months will cost a business its reputation and customers will be running to the open arms of competitor in no time. It is always better to give realistic timelines for expected delivery than promise what you cannot deliver. The practise of giving false promises is a tactic that is aimed at beating the competition but becomes self defeating in the end.

In Summary

Do Not

  • Ignore your customers

  • Offer them poor quality products

  • Give poor customer service

  • Lie

  • Delay shipments

Pet Peeves List

  • People who eat loudly
  • Road hogs who will never use the signal when turning
  • Passenger who talk loudly on the mobile phone
  • People who talk about their visit to the gynaecologist in public
  • Children who taunt the neighbour’s dogs and cry when barked at
  • Students who keep the class longer than it should by asking unnecessary questions
  • People who will never take responsibility for their mistakes
  • Neighbours who play loud music
  • People who like jumping the queue
  • People who mistreat animals
  • Children who like peeping on adults
  • Drivers who use the phone while driving
  • People who talk endlessly and do not give others a chance to express themselves
  • Nasty people in general
  • Political parties that lie to their constituents
  • People who crack their fingers
  • People who never wash their hands after using the toilet
  • Guys who leave the toilet seat uncovered
  • Road hogs who meander aimlessly on the road
  • Neighbours dogs that poop in the compound
  • Drivers who double park their cars
  • Girls who chew gum noisily
  • People who take calls in the library
  • People who talk loudly in the library
  • People who are always texting while in church
  • Dates that are cancelled in the last minute
  • Parents who tag their children along to adult functions
  • Women who wear very high heels that appear uncomfortable
  • Girls who suck noisily through a straw
  • Girls who do not brush their teeth
  • Diners who talk of gross things while eating
  • People who drink too much
  • People who smoke in the house
  • Husbands who throw their clothes all over the house
  • Wives who consistently nag
  • The screechy sound of balloons
  • Diners who go an expensive restaurant and just nibble on the food

© 2013 David Gitachu


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