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The Aftermath of an Interview.Were you told the outcome.

Updated on June 2, 2014
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Born in Rhodesia and emigrated to South Africa 1982.2013 then emigrated to United Kingdom,where I run my own Locksmithing business.

Feedback from a Job Interview

I don't know about you,but I get very frustrated with Companies who don't have the decency to give feedback from your job interview.

After all you are on their short list.They have phoned and emailed details of time and place where your interview is to take place,but no feedback even when you phone them back to enquire.Where are their ethics!

The world without an answer

After all the applications for vacancies on the net,

Finally my CV's being met.

The phone did ring and come what may

I'm on the short list they did say.

Anxiously I set to task,

Of all on the list they did ask.

What I then was to discover

What my interview, would cover.

I searched and searched 'bout the Company

To find,this was the place for me.

My mind was set and I dressed the part,

On my journey I did start.

The interview went pretty well,

My experience I had to sell.

We talked,we laughed I did a test,

Of which I did my very best,

Twas a relief when time to go,

I hope my anxiety didn't show.

Forever hopeful about who they choose,

This is one job I'd hate to lose.

The days did come,the days did go,

Anticipating what I had to know.

No word from the powers that be,

So after a week I had to see.

A simple phone call should do the trick,

"I'll inform you later" ,it was that quick.

To this day I do not know,

Who did steal the show.

So I'll try another day,

When a vacancy comes my way.

I only wish they'd be so kind,

To inform the applicants about their find.

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