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The Appearance of Corruption and Cronyism Continues

Updated on August 17, 2016

TransPerfect in the Delaware Chancery Court

This is the latest in a series of articles on the infamous TransPerfect case.

This case originally caught my attention because it involved newly-appointed Chief Chancellor Andre Bouchard. I had previously written an article about Bouchard and his apparent political cronyism in the Sussex County Registrar of Wills office and how he appointed three different clerks, who were completely incompetent. Bouchard surprisingly responded to my article in writing, which indeed was highly unusual. There was no doubt that I had struck a significant nerve. His message was filled with non-answers and circular reasoning and it was obvious he was way off-base. You have to ask yourself, has he gotten himself in the same boat in the TransPerfect case?

Now, we are close to a year-and-a-half later with the TransPerfect case still not yet certified for an appeal. We have the appointment of a custodian, who is, of course, a former law partner of Bouchard's. Since that time, TransPerfect has been forced to incur an incredible and outrageous $8 million dollars in fees -- and the number grows daily! This boggles the mind!? Let's think about this, folks... Phillip Shawe is running a $500-million-dollar company for 24 years and has never had an unprofitable year. Now the Court comes in with no experience in this business and forces TransPerfect to spend $8 million dollars on Bouchard's cronies to date and this case continues and the millions mount! How and why can this blatant stealing from this company continue?

Additionally, the very employees who made this company a success are expressing their outrage at the Chancellor’s decision! They work in fear of being fired by this custodian. One courageous employee had the nerve to stand up to the Chancellor's unlawful violations of the employees' First and Fourth amendment rights -- and filed a Federal Lawsuit against the Chancellor and the custodian!

Apparently Judge Bouchard and his custodian went after personal e-mail accounts and potentially cell phones of TransPerfect employees, and if they refused, the workers could be terminated! Folks, I don't know what you call this, but I call it unconstitutional, illegal, and grounds for impeachment! I have never heard of or seen a worse case of judicial overreach, cronyism, and possible corruption in any Delaware Court in my life time.

In my opinion, Chancellor Bouchard has cast a dark shadow over the once pristine reputation of the Chancery Court and the great state of Delaware, as the nation's corporate capital. The press is watching, folks! Last Sunday's Delaware News Journal ran a front page cover story shedding light on Bouchard's shenanigans, but this just scratches the surface. There is much more to tell, and the future of Delaware as the incorporation capital of the world, and therefore its economy, is seriously at stake.

It appears that Bouchard is playing favorites with Plaintiff Elizabeth Elting's local counsel, his 20-year friend, Kevin Shannon of Potter Anderson. You are reading it here first, folks... soon I predict many companies will be refusing to do business in Delaware because of this case! Bouchard's insidious actions in The Chancery Court and his apparent efforts to enrich his buddies at the expense of the hardworking people of TransPerfect must stop. Bouchard’s decisions have weakened the credibility of Delaware’s Equity Court and the world is watching.

It is time for the people of Delaware to call their local legislator and say no to cronyism and no to obvious improprieties. We must demand an investigation, folks, and somehow we must stop this! No one is above the law, and this includes Andre Bouchard. We must send a strong message to corporate America that Delaware is still a place to do business before it's too late. Stay tuned……..much more to come!

As always, your comments are welcome.

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