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The Art and Science of Custom Web Creation - Will it Work for You?

Updated on August 23, 2011

The Art and Science of Custom Web Creation - Will it Work for You?

Congratulations, you've launched your dream business. After years of dreaming and days of planning, you're officially an entrepreneur. That nervous queasy feeling in your tummy? Get used to it. When the feeling goes away, you're out of business.

Of course you have letterhead, business cards, envelopes, signage, T-Shirts, and your car has a huge logo (your custom design - very cool) on the side. Have you done everything possible to tell the world about your enterprise? Unless you have a web site, rest assured that no one in Uzbekistan will have any clue that you exist. You need to go worldwide. You need a web presence.

Contriving a web presence may seem daunting. Think about all the third-parties upon which you depend for business support services: creating and maintaining your web pages may be just another service purchased from an subject matter expert. On the other hand, you may want to do it yourself.

Do-it Yourself Web Creation?

Can you design and program your own web site or should you take the custom web creation route? Can you implement an e commerce solution of your very own? Unless you're in the Custom Web Creation business, the answer is a solid 'maybe'. Contracting with designers and programmers to create your site will probably benefit you in the long run. After all, did you harvest trees and make them into paper for your envelopes?

Unless you're in the paper manufacturing business probably not.

Find a Company that Specializes in Creating Custom Web Sites

These companies are not exactly difficult to find. They advertise like crazy and they maintain in Internet presence of their own. Conveniently enough, a company that creates custom web sites will almost certainly have its' own web site for you to visit, thereby demonstrating their web creation prowess. Often a list of customers will also be included; take time to browse the portfolio. Look for features that will work for your particular business.

The nature of Internet communications allows us to do business with companies all over the world without actually getting on a plane. Web creation services are no different. You can contract with a company on a remote desert isle and receive the same crackerjack results that you would expect from the storefront down the street.

Ad-man Web Creations (Formerly The Web Creator)

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