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The Art of Making Money on Ebay

Updated on July 29, 2010

The basics.

Ok, Ebay is officially over run by top compeditors. All the big chain stores have moved in and set up shop. If your sereious about getting into ebay, remember your are far behind these coorperate monsters. To start out your going to just want to sell a bunch of random items arround the house. This is where it gets a bit tricky. Its not like you can just go put any piece of random stuff on ebay and its automaticly going to sell. The way to determine your price is also done the same way. Its been my most helpful information I've used.

The art of Completed listings

 This is the best weapon ever to use when getting into ebay. It allows you to see what things are selling for and how often things are selling. It can be accessed by anyone with an ebay account and its under the options off to the left while browing. Now, there is two things you must look at when deciding what to sell and what not to. You can go route 1, which is what I've done best with, and pick somthings that everyone wants and is constantly selling. The best way to price an item is to pick somthing at the lower end if its auction style, or just below the 2nd highest sold item of which your trying to sell if its buy it now. Good ideas are video games, movies, books, cds, clothes, pretty much any material items that are popular right now. Or you can look for somthing that is in high demand and there isnt alot of. These are harder products to find, but if you can sumble onto somthing you can produce that everyone wants/needs then you can make a very good living with ebay. If you cannot get a steady cheap supply of one of these catagories you cannot compete as a small timer thus meaning ebay will be nothing more than a profitable hobby.

Stepping it up to the next level.

 If you have gone through your house and sold everything thats going to sell, then you are ready for the next step. Product Sourcing. This is the toughest step of becoming a successful ebayer. There are two roads you can choose to follow for this step. One, Producing you own product. You can ither make products from scratch or assemble unassembled products such as golf clubs, computers, anything you can buy in pieces and requires some knowledge about the product. This is probably the highest profit potential of the two steps. Two, Buying and reselling. This is my favorite because it is much easier with alot less stress. I myself just buy products on ebay in packs or mislisted items that I can turn of profit off. But, there are many other great ways to do this. Some examples of good product sources are, craigslist, government tax auctions, order in bulk from google seachs from wholesalers ( is my favorite ), garage sales, or even if ur a great shopper, just go to big chain stores and get stuff on sale here that people dont have enough of elsewhere. There are many ways of finding products but the key thing to look for when doing so is to make sure your not getting stuff thats not in high demand and dont overstock yourself. Once yove bought somthing to sell, get it listed before you start selling somthing else or you will end up like me with tons of stuff to sell and not enough time to do it.


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