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The Art of Pleasing Customers through Connectivity

Updated on May 27, 2017

Pleasing the customer in business means showing appreciation, fulfilling customer needs in a timely manner, and providing constant connectivity so that customers can feel the satisfaction that you are always reachable.

Connectivity is vitally important. Customer dissatisfaction or abandonment occurs when repeated attempts to connect with you fail.

You cannot establish a relationship with your audience if you are unreachable. Great organizations are always communicating with customers and expressing care. Customers love it when you are always there for them.

Online Help

Being online is a form of connectivity. Whether you have a website, a Facebook page or other type of social media channel, you are providing a way for your customers to get answers. For instance, if potential buyers and assess a FAQ page then you are letting them know what you can or cannot do toward fulfilling their needs.

On a website, you can post videos, podcast, and photos that are designed to let your visitors what you site is all about. Visitors will see the products and services you are offering and will determine whether you can fulfill their needs.

Therefore, it is imperative for small businesses or start-up to own a website or a Facebook page explaining the site. The more communication channels you open for potential customers the more your customer base will grow.


In-store Services

Nothing beats having a face to face conversation with your customers. Having a service desk at your business is necessary if you expect to expand.

The advantages of talking to your customer's face to face are that you can instantly create rapport. Such can’t be done over the phone or even through Facebook. You get to feel the excitement and emotion emanating from your potential buyers as the learn about your product or service

Considering Your Connections

How are you connecting with customers?

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In addition, in store service saves the customer the hassle of ordering online. Some people would rather not put their personal information out there across cyberspace. Credit cards numbers, back account information, and social security numbers can all be stolen and reused in someone else’s name.

In-store services prevent the threat of identity theft via online. Customers can feel safe paying for items without exposing personal information.


The only downside about in-store service is that you must deal with an angry or upset customer face to face. You cannot hide behind the phone, website or email messages.

Moreover, accidents happen. If you are operating out of a brick-n-mortar store front, you will have to have all the insurance that goes along with the in-store service. Liability insurance is a must. If someone slips and falls on your property then you can be sued for thousands if not millions of dollars.


Nevertheless, taking to buyers face to face is still one of the most powerful ways to influence and bond with customers.


To outsource your products and services is to invite a third party into the game. Instead of you having direct contact with the customer, you hand the responsibility of servicing customers to a type of middleman.

Such an approach to reaching and pleasing customers has its place. At least a company can cut down on cost.

However, the downside is that potential buyers cannot directly connect with you. They will always find themselves going through a third party. This experience can be frustrating if the customer desires to meet face to face with the owner who could be in some other city or state.

Nevertheless, outsourcing can play a huge role in fulfilling the needs of your customers, especially if you don’t have the necessary knowledge, resources, equipment or facility to meet the demands of your target audience.

The art of pleasing customers and getting their needs quickly met depends on whether they can reach and get to know you. Once they understand what you are offering and how sincere you are about helping them live a greater quality of life, customers will buy you product.


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