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The Art of the Sale. The Psychology of a Good Sales Process

Updated on June 2, 2017

The days of hard sales closing is over

The DEATH of the Mainstream Media and Advertising

I spent my youth pursuing my dream of a flouring career in the media. I traveled this great nation building my reputation as a highly entertaining media personality. However, somebody should have conveyed my history to my ex-wife, as she never saw the big deal or had a glimpse of the life I led. I met her when I was attempting to 'settle down'.

Back then, the only way to get up to date information was to wait for the hourly or half hourly news. This news was skewed to be like fast food; quick and easily digestible. Between those half hour blocks, the same old music was played again and again until you were sick to death of hearing it. No matter how much you told the program director that a certain song was getting overplayed and painful, he or she would explain to you about "day parting" and "time spent listening"

On the talk back stations, the announcers would feed their listeners biased opinions to elicit anger and rowdiness. To fill those 24 hours, with only a small percentage of what was begging discussed actual fact, they needed listeners and their opinions; to make them feel heard and worthy.

On television, we noticed that the advertisements were louder than the actual television and so we always turned it down. I wondered whether they made the advertisements louder because they knew we were going to the fridge to grab something to eat.

All of this was to sell advertising.

And let's flip forward to today...

The news is FREE! On top of this, the human race has woken up to the realisation that the media is totally biased and monopolised to the point that we barely recieve even 5% of the entire facts of any story that is worth of our attention. The other 95% of the news is there simply to distract us from the real issues facing our planet, and we all know it.

So where do we go? Alternative media sites and Youtube!

We are now receiving live updates from the war zones of the world from the countries citizens, live, on the spot, as they upload mobile phone video to Youtube and we are accessing more of this data immediately than waiting until 6pm to see the drudgery thrust upon us and shoved down our throats nightly.

We no longer want to have the news chosen for us. We no longer are willing to wait 5 minutes for the ad breaks to finish when we can just download the TV shows commercial free.

And then there is radio. Why do we bother listening to the overplayed music with the Invention of Pandora and Spotify? Pandora allows us to type in our favourite artist and the app will collate all artists that the same or similar to that artist. So you can be guaranteed to listen to all of the songs you love and even be exposed to new artists you may like, commercial free! You can listen on your mobile phone on your way to work, while at the same time scrolling through news websites for all of the latest stories.

So all of the advertising and marketing you once relied upon to win clients is now a waste of money. The income stream that these media outlets relied upon for their survival are not inept and obsolete.

Nobody wants to take their 5 minutes out between the songs to listen to you.

They don't need magazine full of advertising with just a small percentage dedicated to actual articles and interviews. They can just find articles written by other experts on their own blogs, for free!

So where does this all lead?

Well, read on and you will learn sales and marketing techniques for the new world we live in.

Supply and Demand in 2014

Ahhh how things have changed over the years. It seemed so sudden but perhaps it is simply that I wore rose coloured classes day to day and failed to see how people decide to buy things has changed from hard marketing and even harder sales closing, to more subtle, inoffensive soft influence.

The old way doesn't seem to work, but at the same time, it feels as though people are generally lazier and poorer. Less people are living in abundance and simply living in mediocrity. Yet the trade off is that they are no longer pressured to buy things. They feel they have so much choice, that most things that once cost an arm and a leg are now offered free and the bar has been raised as to what is saleable and the cost has dramatically lowered as to those saleable items.

Let me explain with several examples:

If you were to purchase a ticket to say a Tony Robbins seminar, you would have paid $20,000 or more. Then came along a gentleman by the name of Christopher Howard who changed the landscape of the seminar industry. Do you know what he did? He offered a 3 day FULL and abundant seminar for....FREE!!!

Oh how the room filled. And not only was it free, but the information he shared and what he taught had a powerful impact. His extremely useful information was given absolutely free and covered many of the same topics Tony Robbins did at his $20,000 event. So why save up, or get personal loan for a Tony Robbins event, when you could get almost the same thing from a Christopher Howard event for free?

This just floored seminar speakers across the world. Suddenly the buying public expected so much more for free. But how did Christopher Howard monetize his FREE, powerful seminar? Well, he offered a $40,000 seminar in Hawaii, or on a cruise ship.

This man created a fantasy for people to work towards. A huge 'bootcamp' for worthy people who put their money where there mouth is. He would not run a local seminar, but was inviting them to paradise, to experience the life of fantasy and self development.

And the psychology behind it was, "If Christopher is giving THIS most POWERFUL information away for free, imagine what the paid event must teach!! It must be mind blowing!"

Suddenly the old information was not good enough anymore. People knew they could get it for free and mostly, for the mediocre people, free was enough. But the people who dreamed of an elite life stepped up.

Now let us take a look at Microsoft and the intrusion of Google's Android.

For all of my childhood, the only way to run a computer was with Microsoft. Sure, there was Linux, but once again, the every day person wanted simplicity. They did not want to learn programming and find that their games and word processors were not compatible with their friends computers.

Every computer came with Windows, which was built into the price of the computer.

This meant that any games created cost over $100 and Office cost even more. All software was expensive.

Then came Google Android. Installed on new technology called Tablets and on mobile phones, many of those computer games that were so expensive, were now free. Then, as Android was an open source platform, programmers around the world began developing FREE office programs that were in ways better than anything than Microsoft was offering.

Now, users could create powerful presentations and professional documents and share them on an open source system, for FREE, online.

So what could Microsoft do? Well, they needed to adapt and offer much of what they once charged more, for free also, just to keep people using it and to capture a new audience. But then they created some very unique and powerful utilities, patented that were offered with the paid version.

Let's now look at airlines.

When I was a child, just to fly from Melbourne to Sydney would cost a few hundred dollars one way. You can get return flights for MAYBE $150.

By charging such a low end price, more and more people chose to fly, thus filling all of those empty seats. Yet, profits were still falling for the airlines. The cost of fuel increased as it was such a vital commodity and oil was becoming harder to source. Yet prices remained low.

So much more focus centred on airline clubs, up selling to business and first class, charging for all food and beverages purchased, movies and tv shows and now, in flight Internet access.

The advent of high competition meant that consumers became complacent with what was offered and now no longer appreciated how cheap everything was.

It has become common for people paying $150 for return flights to heavily complain if their flights are delayed and write bad online reviews. Now, if those same flights were at the old prices, maybe at one point over $1000, I could understand. But now people are so accustomed to free and cheap, salespeople and businesses are finding it harder to convince customers that NOW is the right time to buy.

Hard closing does not work, when NOW is never the right time to buy anything.

When what you offered was such a rare commodity, you could demand action be taken NOW. Time waited for no man when you lay down the gauntlet and said, "It is NOW or it is never and you will forever miss out."

Those days are now long gone. What you offer is quote common and can often be found cheaper.

As we aged we found that all that you were offered was not so magical, There was no magical pill that fixed our lives. All of your advice became just opinion and empty promises. And in fact, much of your opinion could refuted with facts and wikipedia. For every sales pitch on your service or course, we found one for free on Youtube.

For every cool new gadget or game that would make our lives more interesting, there came an almost infinite amount of other things to entertain us FOR FREE!

And so, we will go step by step through where sales is headed in this hub.

Of course, you are reading this for FREE and of course, as I just explained, all of this is just opinion and can be refuted by another 'expert'. But enjoy the read as you may take away at least one thing that will help you in your financial endeavours.

Have You Seen The Wolf of Wall Street? Now THAT is Hard Closing!

Soft Sell Only. Up the Value. Lower the Fear

The New Marketing Approach That Makes Money

As I said, gone are the days of of bulk advertising. It's like setting a bomb to explode to kill just one person, and taking out an entire city to do it. It is a waste.

You need to become targeted and with this method comes the good and the bad.

The fact is, you cannot please everybody and many network marketers know how frustrating it is just to find one leader that they recruit, just be exposing their opportunity to EVERYBODY. They know that what they are offering will only suit a bare minimum number of people, yet they are required to present, present, present to everybody they come across. Mostly, these people alienate everyone they meet because they were trained in the old fashioned way to do business, which was expose everybody, sell to everybody, try to close everybody and close HARD.

Well the advent of social technologies now allows you to sell directly to people who are already hot on your product or service and just need you to fulfill their need. And the best way to get to those people is to create communities of people who are interested in your area of expertise.

For example, you could create a Youtube channel and just using extremely affordable, but high end video equipment, you can create viral videos that people wish to watch. They would subscribe to your channel VOLUNTARILY and receive your new videos whenever you create them.

You could start a podcast, which is essentially your own radio show, downloadable, minus the music and 5-8 minute ad breaks. They will VOLUNTARILY download your podcast to listen to it on their smartphone or in their car on the way to work. In your podcast, you can create compelling shows on a range of topics, interview guests and create new streams of advertising income through sponsorships.

Another way to go is to create a community through meet If you want to understand the power of creating a group through meet, I recommend reading a book called Tribes, by Seth Cohen. It reveals the power of creating a community of avid followers. This ill allow you to build a seminar business where you can provide loads of free information and sell your services at the end of it. Believe it or not, some people will take you up on your offer.

Now, wherever you are talking, you are selling. But the secret is in what you say, subtly and how you deliver your message. We will cover this in future Hubs.

But for now, here are some new marketing streams that are virtually free and avoid the dying mainstream media, that has for too long bullied and harassed every day people, misquoting their interviewees and skewing al of their content in an extremely biased manner, all to create controversy, which created viewership, which allowed them to sell advertising at a higher price. Those days are now moving behind us.

Humans Are Bank Accounts

Create Sales and Marketing Books

Purple Cow - Seth Cohen
The Closers - Ben Gay III
The Psychology of Selling - Brian Tracey
The Greatest Sales In the World - Of Mandino
Spin Selling - Neil Rackman
Tribes - Seth Cohen


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