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The Basic Secrets of Success (Part 1)

Updated on November 13, 2017
Image courtesy by by David Castillo Dominici
Image courtesy by by David Castillo Dominici | Source

Secret of Success 1: Take action now! (Part 1)

To start something, or to start a business, usually people start often limit themselves to what's on his mind. Such as, "I want business but do not have the capital". Thinking like that is ultimately what makes one delay to start a business.

There are important phases that I have to go through when someone wants to start a business. Maybe here I will make an explanation easy as possible to understand. What are they phase?

3 Main Phase :

1. Starting / action phase
2. Growing and survive phase
3. success phase

A. Starting / action phase

One requirement for a person to reach the third phase, or phase of success, means phase 1 and 2 must be passed.

True, there are 5 items that are considered must-have for starting a business.

1. Capital
2. Place of Business
3. Ability

Simple Case Example:

You want to create a blog, but do not have the capital (item 1) to buy a domain. But you already have a computer and internet line at home (item 2). But you do not have the ability to create a blog (item 3). You have many friends who could make a blog (item 4). You do not have a market for introducing your blog (item 5).
Means you should be able to start your business with only item 2 and item 4 is a place of business.

How you can start your business?

From that simple case, what secret of success can we do?

Start from now! You can begin to seek information from the Internet channel that you have at home or obtain information from your friends. Dare to start a blog for free, without having to buy the domain first. It's not easy to start from scratch, but with your courage, of course you will be motivated to explore further what to do next. You will start to get obstacles or difficulties. Use the 2 things that you have had to face these challenges. Little by little you will learn by itself and getting used to how to deal with challenges during the blog creation process. Begin again to make friends as possible with anyone who can support your business, both online and friends around you.

Eventually you will have a market too , where you can introduce your blog to them. And there you are then going to try to dig again to get more profit from building a blog, for example by having a blog, it turns out you can earn from google adsense, from the PTW program, PTS, PTR and other programs like RedGage, Triond, Expertscolumn that can make money from your activities in the blogging world . So, no need to have all of the above 5 items isn't it, to start the motion and start your business?

Nearly a lot of people assume that the 5 items above must be owned, so when one realizes that he does not have one or many, they will carry out the action, or postpone its intention to start a business. That's not part of secret of success that you should not do.

(To be continue... )

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© 2012 Fika Thiana


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    • infofika profile image

      Fika Thiana 3 years ago from Bandung - Indonesia

      Thank you Addingsense... hope this can build the way people think about how to start a bussiness

    • addingsense profile image

      Akhil S Kumar 5 years ago from kerala

      you are really welcome my dear friend. voted useful

      good day

    • infofika profile image

      Fika Thiana 5 years ago from Bandung - Indonesia

      Thank you so much... Have a nice day...

    • addingsense profile image

      Akhil S Kumar 5 years ago from kerala

      hi ,

      Your hub is really an informative one and thank you for the tips. I had read about 100 of articles about this topic so as a suggestion i think the hub need a well research. Welcome to the hub community and take me as a friend,

      good day,