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Keywords, All Over Again

Updated on October 30, 2017

Starting Over

Sometime When an article does not respond the way you think it should you need to go back to the basics and see if something can be done better, I always go back to the keywords first and then the backlinks.

Using keywords to improve your SEO for better traffic to your site, once you pick the best keywords for your site you need to know what to do with them. How can you use them to your advantage to get more traffic. Improving your SEO is complicated but easier then you think, after you learn what needs to be done you cane do it over and over on every site or page you build.

What Are Keywords

Keywords can be a word or a group of words that an article or website is about, these help to tell people and the search engines what it is about. When picking these you want to do your research and find the best ones for your site or post. These are the words that are put into search engines when something is being searched for, let's use bikes as an example. If you put in "bikes" you will get a lot of sites about bikes coming up, bikes is the keyword. If you use a long tail keyword that is more descriptive like "small girls bike" you will get less sites coming up and you will get to what you are looking for quicker.

It is best to use long tail keywords when you are discussing a particular item because it will get you more focused traffic. The search engines will index you easier because there are not as many "small girls bike" sites as there are "bike" sites.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a group of things or techniques used to get your sites or posts ranked higher in the search engines for more traffic. These are needed to get traffic if you want it from the search engines. Getting traffic from search engines is important, today with all the social media you are able to get traffic that way. But that can come and go on certain days, it is good to be ranked well in the search engines so you can benefit from that traffic as well.

Search engines are always changing the way this works, that is good and bad. It is good to stop the people who have figured out how to cheat the system, and you know there is always someone trying to cheat. This gives everyone a fair advantage to get better rankings.

It is bad when you do a bunch of work to make your site or posts work one way and that gets changed and all the work you did is lost. It can brake many small sites and make them shut down, we just went through that with the Google updates.

Where To Use Your Keywords

When using keywords where you put them is important, if you are going to take the time to do the research and write about it you want to get as much from it as you can. Putting the keywords where they will help the most is crucial. Here are the main places to put them.

In The Page URL

The URL to the page is like the address to it on the internet, this tells where it is located. This is the first thing known about a page to the search engine, putting keywords here tells the page something about it. It is said this is not as important as it use to be, I still do it every time I can.

In The Title Page

This is the name of the page and it tells what the page is about, not much just the topic.

In The Page Description

This is the first real information about the page that the search engines see, This gives a good idea of what the page is about. This will go on the search page under the address and people will learn about the site before clicking on it from this, you want this to be as catchy as possible with the keyword in it of course.

In The Meta Tag

This is a descriptive tag that only the search engines see, this is to tell them directly what the page is about. If this was the only place your keywords were placed it would be easy to manipulate the system, that is why you need to put it in so many places. To keep the honest people honest.

In The Links

Putting the keywords in the links to your other pages or to sites off of yours tells the search engines that you connect to other sites about the same thing as yours. This helps to build credibility.

In The Content

This is an important place, this is the meat of the site so having them in here carries some weight. All of your content gets read but usually the first 200 or so words is more important. You always want your keyword in the first or second paragraph, then in the middle a few times depending on how long your content is. I try to have it one time for every 200 words, and then in the last paragraph.

Other SEO Techniques

Keywords are not the only thing about SEO that makes you rank higher, you also want plenty of good backlinks from high ranking sites. This can take a little work, what I do is set aside one hour a day to do this. For that hour I will work on getting good backlinks to the site, you can do this by posting comments on other sites or doing guest posting on sites as well.

Getting other sites to link to you is harder now then it use to be, because if you link to a bad site it can bring your site down in rankings and no one wants to take that chance. They had to work hard to improve their site and they do not want to risk that.

spyglass pixaby

Building Authority

Building authority in your niche or as a writer can go a long way towards improving your site, you want to but a bio on your site or a writers page about yourself works too. You want to show that you are experienced in the field and been doing it for a while.

My Recommendation

I bought this book and used it myself, it goes into much greater detail about what I told you here, it explains how to pick good keywords and what makes them good. More about the places to put them and why they should go there, it tells how to improve your writing by using them in your content.

You will find out about backlinking and how to do it, what are the best ways and what are the ways to avoid. This will save you from making a lot of mistakes and save you time in researching and trying to find out about this on your own. If you are doing this to make money and you need the traffic, you want to avoid mistakes and get started correctly from the beginning. I bought it after I wasted two years learning on my own, I thought i was doing good but getting very little traffic. When I started to read this I realized some of the mistakes I was making and it got easier because I knew I was doing the right thing now. After this my traffic has improved over 90% and is still getting better. Good luck in all your endeavors


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