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The Basics Of How To Run A Successful Business - Benefits

Updated on July 31, 2010

Owners and managers need to consistently adjust to the dynamic strengths and weaknesses of their staff. While making an effort to create a suitable work environment and support employees, it is advisable for owners and managers to be careful not to take employees' problems home with them. Ask yourself, 'If I don't fix this, is anything going to happen to me?' If the answer is 'no,' then it's that person's problem.

Also, when making adjustments to a company's operation, simply fix it and let it go. The key is to lay out for employees what the goals are for your workplace. Allow and encourage people to form their own teams and be self-motivated. Make sure they have the tools to get the job done and then get out of their way.

Whether it is an HMO, PPO or a handsome retirement package, what are the chances of your company providing these benefits to your employees? Pretty good, if you know what to look for and are willing to put in time and effort to get employees reduced insurance rates and retirement savings plans.

If employees are paying for insurance as individuals, prices will skyrocket. Even if you can't afford to provide employees with health insurance, offer to get a group rate to lower their costs. This may be a well-received perk. When considering insurance agencies, look for A-rated companies; this simply means they are financially stable.

Also, when working with an agent, allow yourself several hours a week and a timeframe of 45-60 days to attain the best insurance plan. Getting a good rate is affected by an employee's medical history, sex, lifestyle habits (such as cigarette and alcohol use), and the size of the whole group. Also, if included in your plan, pregnancy and maternity coverage will drive the premium up.

Insurance companies will require each individual to fill out an application that asks pertinent health questions. An agent will be able to offer rates based on this information.

The average rate per month for employees in a group ranges from $150-$350 per person which is much more affordable than individual insurance plans that cost double that amount.

When it comes to retirement plans, approximately 2,000 companies currently offer retirement planning services with a wide range of prices. These can cost as little as $200 per year, but as a general rule, lower employer cost means higher cost to the employee. Each company can choose from a variety of options to set up this benefit for workers.

Some of the leading insurance companies in this field include:


Anthem BlueCross BlueShield:

Kaiser Permanente:




When you're searching for the right amount of coverage for your employees at the lowest possible premium, you should not only just check out the companies through their websites and get quotes directly from them, but also consult your yellow pages or local online listings to find a local agent who can deal with a number of these companies and may be able to put together a package for your company that is actually more economical than one that you could arrange yourself.

Continued in The Basics Of How To Run A Successful Business - Interviewing

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