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The Basics Of How To Run A Successful Business - Sales

Updated on July 31, 2010

Everyone in business is in sales. The word 'sales' comes to us from a Scandinavian root that literally means, 'to serve.' If everyone in a company continually thinks of ways to help the customers, to increase service, then that business will grow. In a company continually dedicated to new ideas and improvement, employees are encouraged to create new departments and profit centers. There is nothing more exciting. The result is that the business that encourages and teaches creativity and superb customer service will flourish. However, if the employees whine and complain about customers, their boss, and their fellow employees, showing that they do not care if the customer is not served very well, the company can wither and dieā€¦ and often does.

When Ray Kroc began the McDonalds company, he told everyone he hired that no matter what their job, they were management trainees. He gave them all a badge to wear that read: 'Management Trainee.' Then he told them to think of a better way to do their job, or new ways they could help and please the customer. Then he instructed the employees to put their ideas into a 'suggestion box.' He rewarded them, praised them, and promoted them. The reaction of the employee was that they loved coming to work. They truly were management trainees on their way up.

What a difference it makes for a new employee to know they are on the way up as they clean the parking lot or do any other work. They smile at the customers because they are proud to be part of the management team. They catch the spirit and dream and become 'vision catchers.' Teach them to be a 'vision catcher.'

There is an ancient story of three men who were digging a ditch. When asked what they were doing, the first growled, 'Are you blind? What's the matter with you? Can't you see I am digging this miserable ditch?' The second looked puzzled and bewildered. He answered, 'I don't know what is going on here, but it looks like we are working on a building or something.' The third man said, 'I have seen the plans! I am part of the construction team. We are building a magnificent cathedral!' As he looked up at the questioner, all those around him saw the vision of what was possible in his eyes.

Marcus Aurelius of Ancient Rome said, 'If you can see it, and believe it, you can achieve it.'

The Search for Attitude

Today opportunities to improve our sales and customer service staff are at last at hand. Today we see a great change in our ability to hire excellent staff for our businesses. With good people very hard to find in the past, we often had to put up with people we wanted to release, but couldn't due to the fact there was no one available to replace them. Today, every newspaper, magazine and electronic medium reports layoffs and closures of businesses. This is good news. It means wonderful people are now searching for new opportunities.

Continued in The Basics Of How To Run A Successful Business - Selling Effectively

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