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The Basics Of How To Run A Successful Business - Top 7 Ways To Sales

Updated on July 31, 2010

1. Use your voice to open the doorway to successful sales in person or on the phone. When you greet a client, new or old, lean forward, smile and say, 'Tell me about it!' Everyone longs for a friend who cares and is interested. As soon as the client begins talking, give them the gift of your full attention. They will quickly reveal what they really want, then it is simple to show them that what your business has to offer is the perfect answer for their needs.

2. Do you remember the best salesperson ever who helped you to find what you needed? Did that person rattle on with a canned sales talk? Or did they listen to your dreams and plans and then ask you interested questions? Don't start with a sales talk, start with gentle, caring questions. Base your business on these words: 'Put on the role of the humble inquirer.'

3. If your client makes suggestions about how your business could be improved, thank them for their ideas. Who knows better than the customer what they want? They will feel part of your team when you include them. Think of a way to reward them. There is a great poem about dealing with difficult people which ends with 'Love and I had the wit to win. We drew a circle… and drew him in.'

4. Appreciate your clients. Appreciate actually means to raise in value. When they walk in, call them by name and smile. Send them thank-you notes. Let them know they can count on you and your company. Never let them wonder or worry about a promise. Be there for them. They will tell their friends, and your business will blossom.

5. Depreciate is the opposite of appreciate. Depreciate means to lower in value. If you complain about your boss or anything else about your company as you speak to a customer, that customer will begin to look elsewhere. Be careful to be an enthusiastic supporter of your company, and of your customers.

6. Have you ever had a salesperson talk 'down' to you? I had one who called on my business once when I wanted to buy a big new office machine. He did not ask a single question about my business. Instead he set up a flip chart with three words per page and began to read them to me. I stood up, thanked him for his effort, and said I was sorry but I had to cut the meeting short. A second salesman came in, asked me what I wanted to accomplish, asked me to show him our operation, took copious notes, then laid out a plan with the perfect machine to do exactly what I wanted it to. I handed him the check that day. He often came by to see how we were doing, and we bought many other machines and software systems from him.

7. One of the greatest sales closing lines I have ever used, and I have been in media (which entails sales of one kind or another) all of my life, is that great friend, The Choice of Two Positives. 'Which is your favorite of the two colors?' 'Do you like the tall or the short one?' 'Is Thursday or Friday the best day for delivery?' When the client makes the choice, don't forget to say, 'Excellent choice!' Show your approval. When you focus on what the client needs and wants with your whole heart, they will receive the message, 'Here is a friend. Here is someone who cares.'

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