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The Basics Of Successful Selling, Online Or Off!

Updated on September 5, 2009

Successful Selling Has To Be Win Win!

 Selling is frequently defined as a business deal or transaction that increases the value of the buyer by fulfilling their requirements in a way that is mutually beneficial for the buyer and the seller. Sales people who wish to be successful will need to learn and develop certain approaches until they are instinctive. Integrity, trust and honesty are all crucial elements of selling. Not only are you selling a product or service; you are also selling your customer a feeling.

Four Basic Steps To Selling

 There are four steps to selling that should be considered:

  1. Prospecting is the search for prospective customers and new business.
  2. Qualify a customer's interests by asking them questions to establish possible benefits and opportunity for a sale.
  3. Present your product or service that meets your customer's needs, which were determined during the qualifying step.
  4. Close the deal by writing up the order and finalizing the sale.

Prospecting calls should be brief and direct. If the prospect shows interest, arrange a later time to meet and discuss things more thoroughly. Spend the majority of your selling time on prospecting.

Always show confidence during a sales pitch.
Always show confidence during a sales pitch.

Don't Give Up Easy When Selling

 Be persistent! Calling on a prospect several times brings you that much closer to a sale. Prospecting can be an unpleasant task, but it is a necessary part of selling.

75% of sales are finalized after five or more calls to the same customer.
45% of all sales people only call on a customer once.
30% call it quits after the second visit.
15% call it quits after the third visit.
10% of all sales people continue calling until they achieve the sale or an explicit no from the customer. These sales people are some of the most successful and are some of the highest paid people in the country.

Setting goals can help you achieve increased sales. Determining how much you want to earn in a year will help you calculate what percentage of sales you need to close and how many prospecting calls will be required to close those sales.

One of the largest obstacles to overcome when prospecting is fear. Some issues that cause fear include:

  • Self-doubt or negative self thoughts
  • Constant need of approval
  • Lack of skill
  • Not preparing before hand
  • Lack of confidence
  • Emotional involvement in decisions

It's important to keep your mobile office organized.
It's important to keep your mobile office organized.

Control Your Fears While Selling

Fears are mostly based on personal emotions or issues, not reality and will often lead to desperation. Acting desperate will usually scare a prospect away.

Knowing your market place is vital. Certain hot buttons and markets need to be stimulated to push your customer into action. Examine your current customer base and try to identify shared traits or characteristics.

The outcome of a sale is not solely based on a first impression, but it is definitely important! Show confidence without being cocky or arrogant. Remember to keep smiling and use the customer's name to establish rapport. Dress respectably and present an enthusiastic and positive attitude. Always thank your customer for their time but never apologize. Apologizing diminishes the importance your sales pitch.

Organization and good time management are essential when prospecting. Set weekly goals and follow a schedule of routine calls or callbacks. Concentrate on a different area each day and set a time limit as to how long will you spend there. Switch up your call times in order to reach customers who are not around at certain times during the day.

Continued in The Basics Of Successful Selling, Online Or Off! Part II


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