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The Basics Of Successful Selling, Online Or Off! Part II

Updated on September 5, 2009

Prospecting Is The Basis To All Selling

 Prospecting means you will be rejected, again and again. While rejection can be painful, it is much easier to deal with than a customer who employs delaying tactics or shows uncertainty. This is part of the sales process and you will need to learn to move on. One of the best ways to move on is by making another sales call!

A short prospecting script can be useful for helping you stay focused and to be consistent. After a few customer calls you should be able to improve the script and tailor it to what works and what doesn't. Your script ought to include a brief introduction that outlines the reason you are calling.

Prospect calls are typically more successful when made in the morning when people are fresh and well rested. If you aren't able to reach a prospect after three attempts, look at other communication options such as email or fax. If you get voice mail, leave a brief message and let the customer know that you will call them back. Make a note to call again after at least forty-eight hours.

Once you reach a prospect, the qualifying stage begins. Start with some probing questions. Your goal is establish their level of interest in your service or product. There's no point wasting time with a prospect that has no need for your product.

Explore the customer's scheduling, time and budget issues. Who decides the budget and spending limits and what are the limits? Ask questions that will usually elicit a response of yes. If a customer tells you no, things can quickly go downhill and sour the deal.

Let The Customer Talk While Selling

 Do not monopolize the conversation. Listen to the customer and focus on what they are telling you. People love talking about their companies and themselves. Repeat something to confirm you've understood it properly and jot down some notes. Always make sure you're speaking to the decision-maker of the company to avoid wasting valuable time; theirs and yours.

Avoid High Pressure Selling

 Your conversation is your main presentation opportunity to discuss a prospect's potential for improving their business. Keep it conversational, low key and formal. At this point, you ought to know what your customer wants and be able to convince them they need your product or service. Make your ideas tangible by use of solid examples. If things start to go sour, be ready to walk away. Don't compromise your values or principles to make a sale.

Often, during a sales presentation, objections will arise. Determine what the cause for concern is and help resolve the problem. Objections should be treated as questions and a means to reveal a solution. You're working towards a win-win situation.

A Client's Objections Mean That They're Interested In What You're Selling

Objections are a good sign in that the customer is taking you serious. Let them know you've heard the same objections before and that you will still be able to help their business.

Closing the deal is the final step. There are no special techniques. Pitching a product or service is hard work so it's important to close the sale at the right time. Jumping ahead can derail the whole deal.

Continued in The Basics Of Successful Selling, Online Or Off! Part III

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