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The Benefits Of Having Your Own Origami Owl Business; How To Start One

Updated on September 12, 2014

It's Yours!

Your job that is.

Spending the better part of your life making someone else successful so they can sit on a beach in the Bahamas while you work your butt off doesn't sound very tempting as a career to me. If you are that person sitting on the beach in the Bahamas, well, congratulations and try not to spill your margarita while you imagine your staff telling you to take your job and know the rest.

Think about it, you adjust your schedule for someone else almost every day. You may miss a soccer game or a school meeting because of your job. You may be stressed and worn because of your job, unhealthy even, or you may just be downright tired of it altogether.

Nonetheless it is your job, and you need it to pay the bills and if you're really lucky you have a little bit left over to spend on you or someone you love.

Why not be your own boss and take that someone you love to the beach with YOU!

What If?

What if you could adjust your schedule to meet your needs instead of someone else's? What if you could be the boss of you?

You Can!

You already give the effort to be successful. You work the hours. You handle the projects, the staff, the office and of course the boss. Give those hours back to yourself by creating a home-based business that can be as flexible as you need it to be. Now take that business and make it something that's new, fun and exciting all at the same time. Sounds pretty awesome right? It is!

Origami Owl as a home-based business is all of those things and more. The Origami Owl founder knows it and her excitement about her product and her love for good people is contagious and you can't help but catch it.


Find It With Origami Owl!

Be a force for good........Start here.

You have taken the first step; you have decided to become independent and work hard for you and the one's you love, no one else. So now what?

  1. Choose a mentor: Choosing a mentor is an important part of your success with Origami Owl or with any direct sales company for that matter. Choosing a mentor that will guide you through the initial start-up of your business and offer support long term is a key to your success and you have the option to choose right the first time. You want to choose someone you connect with, who you can talk to. Someone who is involved with their business and is available to you when you need questions answered.
  2. Set up your business: This is a fun part where you give your business the unique touch that makes it yours. Your mentor will guide you through the process of ordering your start-up kit and setting up your first jewelry bar. One of the greatest benefits of direct sales companies like Origami Owl is the product line support they offer for both their jewelry line and point of sale supplies. Everything is already there to help you be successful.
  3. Get out! Enjoy the world and the people in it and oh yes, make really good money doing it. The earnings plan with Origami Owl currently is one of the best in the direct sales industry. Be a force for good and help others be that same force while earning a living that gives you something to be proud of. Maybe you can think about it while you're sitting on the beach in the Bahamas!

Yes You Can!

There's More!

Origami Owl offers something most direct sales companies do not. Beside great cash and product rewards Origami Owl offers health insurance programs for individuals and families and also has degree programs through a well known accredited institution, Grand Canyon University in Arizona.

That Moment.

There is that "ah ha" moment when we all realize why we are here and for what purpose we are to serve. When we become inspired it is our responsibility to inspire others; to give them too that feeling of worth and meaning. There is no better feeling of worth and meaning when it is yours to share with others.

It seems to me the only ones who say you cannot be successful are the very same ones who are preventing you from being successful. Why would they want you to be? Then they would have to work instead of sitting on that beach. Only you create your destiny.

Vow to never leave another's presence without first making them a start.

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