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The Benefits of Recruiting Online

Updated on November 9, 2012

The Internet has changed the recruitment world as it stays true to its commitment to bridge the gap between job seekers and industries. This revolutionary move has made huge impact as it largely increase efficiency of the hiring process. While most people believe that recruiting online are for those who are technologically savvy, all professional recruiters and HR professionals could now rely on job portals which is specifically designed to complement your hiring process and automating redundant recruiting tasks. Now this is one step to changing the way we recruit professional and industry-specific job seekers.

Read on for some points on the benefits of recruiting online, and finding the next employee that is perfect for your industry:

Recruiting online makes the job search faster.

Posting your job vacancy through job management portals gives employers the ability to real-time job hiring process, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Industries can post a job vacancy in as fast as 20 minutes and they could start receiving applications already. The job posting would remain active as long as the employers require, and would only be seconds away until a potential job seeker would come across and apply. Unlike traditional job advertising in newspapers and ad boards that you have to wait for weeks in order to receive resumes from job seekers Hiring process is speed up to an average of 70% compared to traditional recruitment methods, from receipt of application forms, shortlisting job seekers, scheduling interviews, and so on.

Recruiting online is cost-effective.

Did you ever think that you could make the most of your recruitment budget by posting your job vacancy online compared to placement consultancies and other advertising schemes? Job management portals and social media platforms like LinkedIn could easily cut the costs of your hiring process by automating simple, yet redundant tasks so that you could only focus on more important things.

Recruiting online has a wider job seeker reach.

Most often than not, placement agencies and newspaper job advertising are usually restricted by geography, industry, and career levels. The scope of an online recruitment job posting is limitless, and it encompasses every parameter, thus you are sure that your industry job posting gets the target you are looking for. And since we are exclusively catering to the industry-specific niche, you could take advantage of the specific traffic that is filtered only at job seekers who are regularly looking for jobs in industries.

Recruiting Online increases the hiring process efficiency with its automated job management features.

The whole hiring process is managed online which allows industries to post job vacancies, receive and manage resumes, shortlist probable applicants, schedule interviews, and contact job seekers and more. These series of tasks is included in a simple yet powerful job management portal, allowing an enhanced recruiter experience for employers in the industry field.

Indeed, entrusting your recruitment process online is just one step to embracing innovation to better enhance your job seeker search to fill in your vacancy requirements. And with the advent of technology and internet, the possibilities are endless, and we’re quite confident that online recruitment is the future of sourcing people for industries.


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