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The Best Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing [Part 2]

Updated on November 18, 2012

Welcome To The Second Part of My Online Marketing Guide For Beginners

I am glad you have headed over here or found this page somewhere, somehow. The information I am going to be sharing with you is going to help you get a blueprint to work to. In time you will edit and change it to how you think it is better.. but for starting out, this is going to give you speed and less of a headache or pangs of "is this right!?" thoughts.


First things first. I would seriously recommend everyone to sign up with a new and fresh email address that is ONLY used for the process that I am about to explain. I would ask you to use Google Mail because a lot of the processes we are going to be going through need a Google ID and you will have to sign up with them anyway to use their tools, therefore this way, it just saves you a lot of time.

Always use a professional sounding name when you are promoting something. You do not know what the future holds. You do not want to be busy in the future, maybe when your business is just taking off and forget your email address is something juvenile, so then you email someone with the email address 'hornygeek329'. Think streamline, professional and think easy to remember. Some people spend a long time dreaming up a catchy sounding email address, this can work in personal/human contact areas of internet marketing but that’s is a whole different area and at this moment we need to keep our focus on other things.

So, armed with your new email address I would like you to sign up with a company called ClickBank. They are at: The same logic applies here, as with your email address, nothing unprofessional or juvenile. I will not mention this any more, so remember it every time you create a name, ever! You might also want to make your clickbank username letters and numbers, I will mention why a little later.

The reason I suggest clickbank specifically is because it is a great place to start. They accept everyone who applies so there is no need to provide a proven sales record. You do not need to pay THEM to sell THEIR products which a lot of affiliates have to do. On top of all this, when you are not making sales for clickbank you are still making money with all the work you have done trying to selling their products. You just need a higher goal in sight and this way the "lower down" ways of earning come through better than if they were your prime focus. I have found that this strange logic truly does work!

The number one reason why I choose CB over Amazon or any other affiliate system online that is free to sign up for, is because they pay you the most money on sales most of the time. I would say eight out of ten times, the affiliate gets the biggest share of a sale. You do have to work for these sales, but once you have all the features lined up properly, you can expect a nice stream of sales coming your way. Unfortunately, most of the time one thing that works for one, won’t work for all products. BUT we can put things in our favor by following certain guidelines. Lets get into it a bit more!

When you have signed up with CB, sign in and click on the 'Marketplace' icon. Now ask yourself, "Do I know a lot about any specific areas?"

What are your hobbies? What job do you do? What problems do you/have you had? What are you biggest fears at the moment?

Ask yourself many questions like this. Then, write down the questions and answers, and then once you have done this a few times THEN, and only then, we can go and find ourselves a product to promote and sell!

"Why do that first?" Well, we now have a target, a goal, something to find. Aimlessly looking about, or off the cuff thinking, - something will sell well, could cause problems. I KNOW certain women’s products would sell very, very well, but I do NOT have a CLUE about them though and this would be observed, and the customer might want what I am offering, but would prefer to go to someone that is speaking her language, so to speak.

This theory really comes into play later, with the article writing and squidoo page-making.

So, with the questions and answers we should be able to use the category selector, to find which category holds possible products you could promote well, due to your knowledge, interest or emotional connection.

When I was a teenager, I had problems with getting embarrassed in front of girls. Embarrassing to mention now, but it was something very close to my heart and I will be using this question/answer to go through the clickbank products as if I was 16 again. What is your biggest problem right now? I get easily embarrassed around girls.

I go through the category list and find one that fits best. I have selected 'Health & Fitness' and next I need to go though the sub-categories, seeing as this reaction is to do with the mind, I am going to go for 'Mental Health.’ The key factor would be that I would blush, and then that would be the main problem, so I am going to put 'blushing' into the keywords.

I now have two possible products that I could sell. What I need to do first is check over a few things:-

1. What does the website look like? If it is tacky or badly put together nobody will buy from it, no matter how good the products are that they are selling. The products could be the best of their kind but a lousy website is a lousy website. Many bad products have amazing websites too...

2. Does the sales page ring true? Now, you know about this product. This is ANOTHER reason why we had the little Q&A session. So, you can sniff out someone who is trying to sell something they know nothing about. Now you can be sure if they are full of rubbish or if they speak the truth and you can also not waste your time or know this will go down well and reap the reward.

Ok, so looking at these two possible products to promote..


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Your clickbank link isn't working.. just thought I'd let you know. The info seems sound, though. thanks.

    • CZCZCZ profile image


      7 years ago from Oregon

      Great suggestions in your advice to approaching affiliate marketing. Reading the remaining parts of your strategy that you are outlining for making a solid effort in making money online.


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