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The Best Ebay Postage Services In The UK

Updated on November 19, 2011

Offering to post your ebay items is a huge factor in making more sales yet many people still only offer collection only in their listings, this may be the item is large, awkward to package and carry to the post office or just think it will be very expensive to send. You'll be very suprised as to what is on offer to send packages within the UK or worldwide. In the UK we have Royail Mail which is our national service and it very good but when we get to the counter we get bombarded with different offers to how we can post our items. Special Delivery is pushed a lot but for a lot of customers it is not necassary. Here are your options when posting your ebay items. Offering  to post to your items will dramatically increase your sales and especially if your offer worldwide postage. Royal Mail Has its limits when we get to certain weights so ill show you some other options.

The obvious factor in not wishing to offer to post something is the size or the weight of something and packaging materials being rather expensive. It can cost next to nothing to package an item. If you visit your local high street if you can access the back of them you'll notice that a lot of shops flat pack their boxes and put them in a seperate area or clean bin if you ask they will always give you empty boxes. Once your item is in the box use old newspaper to support the item. A great way to make your packaing to look presentable and will also help keep it all intact is using courier shrink wrap. You can get this stuff very cheap and will last for ages. If your selling a bike then go to your local bike shop. Their bikes come flat packed in boxes and are thrown out once built up. All you'll have to do when sending out a bike is turn the handlebars and remove the pedals.

Royal Mail Services

 These services are best for sending your ebay items. There's obvious first class second class and standard parcels but these are not tracked. You'll be surprised at how little extra sending a tracked item really is.

1st class Recorded: This service only cost 75p on top of what the first class cost would be! Now your cashier will tell you that its not tracked and that it may not get signed for and you should go for the "Special Delivery Service" This is rubbish. What recorded delivery offers is that when the item is delivered it is signed for. Its is scanned by the cashier then when delivered the postman should get a signature to state that it has been delivered. I have experienced that 1st class recorded actually gets delivered next day. You are also insured on your packages to around £40 ( Royal Mail constantly change pricing ) so if your item is lost you can claim its value up to £40 back. I use this service a lot it looks professional and also gives you peace of mind. You should always pass your tracking number to your customer in the my ebay section this also notifys ebay that you have sent the item recorded.

There is a threshold weight of 4kg once the item is over this weight you can use either Parcel Force 24 or 48 This is also and excellent service and its completley trackable it isnt that much more than Royal Mail Postage Services.

You can always ask what is the best option for you to send your item out but make sure they tell you ALL options.

Sending Items Overseas

 With Royal Mail You can send Standard Airmal, International signed or Airsure. Airmail is pretty good. Airsure is only available to some countries but offers and tracked service. Royal Mail have an easy to follow guide on what the cost will be sending items overseas vist If you ebay regularly then a great investment is postal scales. You can the figure out postage cost before hand from your home and list your items on ebay quickly.

 Now if you sell large or heavy items a company that has exploded on to the scene is parcels2go. These guys use parcelforce DHL, Fedex, UPS but are cheaper than if you go to these companies direct! They have a form you can fill out on their website where they will give you a price based on box size and weight. The bonus with using Parcels2go is they collect form your home! You do not have to take your item anywhere. They Offer Worlwide Postage too.

If your item is around the 10kg mark then always check with Royal Mail Offers but anything over this the convenience of Parces2go is far superior.

Now offering a tracked delivery Serivce in your Ebay listings will give your customers security and will result in more sales. Using tracked services you will also be covering yourself. No more missing items. Rember your not paying for the postage, your customer will be. People will pay more if they know they are gauranteed to recieve their items. Also people are more than happy to pay for the postage price to send to their country.


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