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The Best In Internet Marketing

Updated on June 9, 2011

Have you ever wanted to make money online?

Have you ever wanted to make money online but didn't know how, or have tried and failed. Well I can tell you a few ways that have worked great for me that is if you really want to know. If you find this article then you have come to the right place, There are many ways to earn and make money online most of which don't work or require you to have a website or blog but there are some that do not require these things and that are free. I am going to tell you about some of the ways I make money online but I do it in many way. Some of which I do have or need a website and or blog for and some of which I don't. So before I go over these things with you go grab a snack and something to drink because by the time you are done reading this you will be amazed by how easy it is and you are gonna want to get started right away.

Now that you have your snack and drink in hand lets talk a bit about what you need to make money online, first thing is first you need a really good product. Speaking of products there are different programs and things out there that you can use where you are not using your own products such as affiliate marketing or referral programs. Most sites now have one of these feature or the other. So look in to that. I have found that if you want to make good money that affiliate programs are not always the best way to go because they are commission based and some of the commission can be really low so you would have to have a high sale rate in order to make money, Also as far as referrals go most only pay a small commission or a set amount and you only get paid if the member you refer does a specific task such as becoming a paid member for some sites or buying a certain amount of a specific product or even spending a set amount and these task are set by the person who runs the referral programs.

The next thing that is need are prospects or potential buyers or visitors for marketers we call this traffic, without it no matter what products you sale or advertise it will just be just that. Most internet based business ask you to create a list of potential buys or a group of prospects or people to target for your product. That I have found doesn't really work, I think article marketing is the best way to market your product because it creates many back door links which helps for SEO or search engine optimization it gets you a high rank on search engines like google,yahoo,bing,msn and more, also tags and keywords help aid in this, so use your head and be smart about it.

The last and final thing that is needed is a way to market,advertise,or promote your product or service. In many cases this can be costly but there are some free ways out there to do it but I am not going to give out all my secrets if you want to know you will have to just visit some of my links or contact me directly. I am however going to through a few out there for you social marketing, running ad campaigns these how ever are not always free. Most of the time there are advertising fees for the use of these tools, how ever some social site do offer a free option with limited features, so make sure to always try to get the best from each tool,master your techniques, this always take time so don't expect it to work over night.

One of the ways I am going to share with you is how to make money on twitter. Twitter is a social networking site that allows it's members to post small brief links and phrases or descriptions to their pages for all of there friends to see, these are called tweets, one of the links will get you started all you have to do is sign up and this is free meaning it requires no money at all to get set up and start making you money today. Another way to make some money is to build a website or blog and add some advertisements either through google adsense this is a free sign up but requires approval first, or some other add network, Sign up as a publisher to apply the ads to your site or blog, A good blog site is Blogger and since this is a google site it is already high on the search engine there are a few ways that blogger offers to implement your ads including but not limited to placing them yourself. Another great site is Masata This is a social networking site I have built it is 100% Free and you can advertise on it just contact me after you sign up and I will help you and coach you through the process.

Another way I make some money it through affiliates but I am not going to go to deep into this because it is not free to use this how ever there are many free affiliate networks out there like link share and commission Junction. I have also found that people will pay a lot of money for some things you might consider junk such as old cell phones and Cd's movies and just about anything you might not want or need anymore so you can set up a free internet store with vendio add your paypal information and link your store to your facebook profile page and watch the sales roll in.

As mentioned earlier anything you do on the internet to make some money will require real time and effort,there is no easy way around it. If you cannot devote time and put forth the effort then you will not be successful at it. You must remember to market anything you want offer to your potential buyers. Thanks for reading and check back in a few days for even more post


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    • Masata profile image

      Derrick Houston 5 years ago from Philadelphia

      Thanks again Jan

    • Jan Fowler profile image

      Jan Fowler 6 years ago from Santa Clarita, California

      Great information for someone just getting into internet marketing. You set it up nicely. And good opportunities that seem simple and straight forward.