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The Best is Inside of You part #2

Updated on July 3, 2011

DFW Teen Voice Prosperous&Thriving Youth "Positive verses Negative"

BY: Patricia Ross Teen Voice

So, know that the best is inside of you. When you meditate by listening to your internal self you will not continue to clutter your space (reference part #1 article). You can clean out your space and learn how to continue develop in love, joy and peace on your path. You space which you dwell in should be important to you. Your space is where you develop and grow with your goals every day. Just in the same way you daily eat for nourishment.

If you are not important to yourself, meaning to spend time with yourself then it becomes harder to obtain the love, joy and peace you desire. You are the magnet to your life to draw in things that you need as you were taken care of in your mother’s womb. The Universe will be on your side and will notice and see that which you desire and want will come to you. You have to notice who you are being in the image of your Creator. Look around in your space what is it that you don’t have as a need or desire? Determine the approach on how you will get you need and sire met. Will you chose to move in a positive and good attitude or move in a evil and negative attitude? You do have a choice in selecting how you will move in the steps you take to fulfill your dreams.

In order to get the love, joy, and peace that surpass all understanding then move in the state of mind of being positive and with good attitude.

It’s up to you to clean out your space and look in the mirror at your image each morning. In the morning determine the person you choose to be and draw into your space what is needed for the day. One day at a time becomes your future. When you look up 10 yrs. 20 yrs. and 30 yrs. would have past, you do get the point. In these moments as time has passed you will have lived out your potential and achieved each goal. We are a magnet (compass) the key to a compass is the magnetic pull when you see yourself going in the wrong direction make an effort to stay on course. The goals you selected for yourself becomes your course.

Your chosen goals will become your course and your path. The state of mind you choose to dwell in on your path should be positive or negative thoughts will cloud your mind. What you choose to study, read and imagine yourself to become will determine your course. So, analyze what choices you have made in the past and it is possible to choose another direction for yourself. You may need to take classes or update your studies or time for a second career path. You need to look at the advantages and disadvantages to your choices and move forward. If you don’t move forward by choice the forces of life will move you forward. So, know that the best is inside of you to draw in the love, joy and peace you want in your space.


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