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The Best ways to Properly Hire your First Employees

Updated on November 28, 2016

Hiring first time employees

Hiring first time employees
Hiring first time employees

How to hire first time employees

The engine of every business organization is its employees. There is no doubt that employees drive the organization; hence they determine the state or position in which the organization would be at every given point. As a start-up business, hiring your first employees is the key to the success of your business. The stage of hiring employees is very crucial in determining whether the business would be successful or not. In this post, we would be looking at some important steps that you can take as a start-up business on how to properly hire your first employees.

Best ways to hire your first employees

Every start-up business or organization dreams of a big future, thus growth. However, one thing that is obvious or is first and foremost is that as a start-up company you would need to hire employees before dreaming of growing big. So in growing your company, let us look at some important steps that you can take in order to achieve this;

Knowing when to hire an employee

Most businesses start with the founder or founders as the only person(s) working in the organization. The founder or founders are usually not considered as employees of a company. They are directors; however, they can play roles as employees. When you start a business you most often are the only person or persons performing all the activities in the business. Sooner or later when your business grows you would need to hire additional hands.

The hiring of employees comes with additional cost and responsibilities to the business; hence it is vital that you make sure that the growth of your business has brought about added responsibilities which you alone can’t handle, then at this point or juncture you can now hire your first employees. Hiring employees when there is no pressing need to do so is one of the grave mistakes that some employers make.

Define or design the employee’s job

After hiring your first staff, it is not financially prudent that the staff has no contributions in terms of job to the business. So what you should do is to define the employee’s job. This process is referred to as job description. In defining the job of your first employee, you should do a thorough analysis on the needs of the business at that moment so that you can make a decision on the caliber of staff that you would need to hire. Let us take an instance where you would need someone to assist you with record keeping; therefore you would need to hire a bookkeeper or an accountant to occupy that position.

Search for the right candidate

The next step on how to hire first employees is to ensure that you get the right candidate to perform the duties of the job or position. In searching for the right candidate to occupy the vacant position in your organization, you would need to consider things like wages, salary and other benefits that the employee would derive working for you. After doing so, you can now place adverts for job opening (in your organization) with the remuneration and job description properly explained to prospective candidates. You can take advantage of social media to place your job openings, which is relatively one of the less expensive means of posting job vacancies.

Interview prospective candidates

After you have attracted candidates suitable for the job position, it is now time to organize an interview to select the best candidate. Since you are a start-up, you should not expect to attract many experienced or highly qualified candidates. However, the qualities of a good worker do not so much rely on his or her experience and qualification. You would need to scan through the candidates and pick the one who is ideal for the job.

Perform job orientation

Selecting the right person for the job is just one step of hiring your first employee. The next step is to give your newly hired employee some orientation around what you expect him to be doing for you (this, his job duties). Job orientation is necessary for both established and start-up companies. New employees need to find their way around your organization. However, job orientation should not take too long, depending on the nature of the job, and since it is a start-up; between one and two weeks, you should have finished orientating your newly hired employee.


The impact employees have on a business is very substantial and can make or break an organization. Hiring your first employee can be a little bit tricky; however, if you follow the above steps, it can be a lot easier than you thought.

Selecting the best candidate

Selecting the best candidate
Selecting the best candidate

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