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The Billion Dollar Man Tiger Woods

Updated on June 5, 2011

Tiger Woods Inc.

Tiger Woods the most famous golfer in the world today. He and his green jackets are constantly under the microscope. I don't believe any of the people holding the microscope could endure the constant eye. Yet, under all of it this Tiger Woods retains his professional demeanor. This is a young man who continues to changed the world of golf. In the process salaries in the golf world have increased by twenty-five percent. Many of the people who are now speaking negatively about Tiger should thank him for their extra income. The income and notoriety is introducing people to the public, who were previously unknown. An example of this is the number of women now speaking out against Tiger Woods. They may or may not have been with Tiger but they are profiting from there accusations. The accusation couple with the Tiger's acknowledgment is generating sensational headlines, which could lead to a a multi-million dollar divorce. The ink alone is probably enough to sink the Titanic.Yet, the public show more interest for the Tiger's business than their own.

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