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The Blind Truth About Job Searching

Updated on June 9, 2019
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Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash | Source

We all have applied for jobs and been rejected by at least one in our life. Maybe you decided to apply for a position you knew was a long shot, but somehow still landed your dream job. My post-graduate job search has not been what I hoped for even a little. The sad truth about job hunting is that there are qualified people out there seeking jobs and getting over looked because a computer is scanning for applicants. There is no personality involved in this process whatsoever and I am purely talking about the screening process. How can a computer system tell from a quick scan of my resume if am suited to do the job I am applying for? Yes, I know they search for keywords and data that cross-reference the job posting, but a computer isn't human and can't make connections based on past experience. I understand the idea of filtering out resumes that truly do not belong in the queue, but what about the ones that are also getting passed up? Does the applicant have a poorly formatted resume or general job descriptions that automatically disqualify them from being chosen even though they may have stellar experience?

Based on my own research, I noticed some trends with my own LinkedIn connections on job placement and experience. The people and friends I see that have the jobs with all the well-known companies like Amazon, Starbucks, and Google (just to name a few), are people who did internships with major, large-scale companies. And then I wonder to myself - does my experience with small, local companies not deem me as qualified to do the job because the brand is not immediately recognizable? Just a thought as I start to use LinkedIn more and more to network and land my own dream job – cross your fingers for me.

Many of my friends who did internships with larger companies have discussed the issue with me and mentioned they got coffee, did basic administrative work and never even got to attend a content strategy meeting, all while I was busy brainstorming and working to implement marketing campaigns, developing content, running social media accounts, and doing keyword research at my internships. But yet, I am the one who is struggling working a technical support job because all the positions I have applied to in my field of Marketing and Communications pass on my application only to provide me with the same generic feedback - “we decided to pursue other candidates”. When you have the skill set and experience to land the job, it makes me question what other factors play into the selection process. I need to know what I'm doing wrong since my Indeed job list says I have applied to 624 jobs, and out of those I’ve had a handful of interviews. Although my resume may not be full of extensive brand names, I can’t help but feel something needs to change about the way jobs screen and look for candidates. So here I am calling it out and I need some answers.

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      10 months ago

      I feel you. It took me 18 months out of university to gain a job with part-time work in between and an internship with a non-recognisable brand. I had to start a career searching a few months back (redundancy), and I got rejected lots of times despite having 18 months of experience behind me. I took a job which I'm not fond of but am too scared to start looking for fear of rejection.

      The screening process is stupid. Resumes should always be looked at by people, not a computer.


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