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The Business Internet Directory Telemarketing Scam

Updated on March 1, 2009

You answer the phone at work. The telemarketer on the other end claims that they are updating their listing for your company in their internet directory and that they just need to ask a few questions.

They start with the company name and address, then they ask for the name of the person in charge, next question is how many employee's work for the company and then the questions just get more and more in depth until the unknowing receptionist has just given confidential company information without even realizing it.

A few weeks later a invoice is recieved in the company mailbox. It says that your company now owes $400 to a business no one has ever heard of for a internet directory listing no one ever authorized.

Telemarketing Scams Are Out There
Telemarketing Scams Are Out There

The Internet Directory Scam

Known as the Internet Directory scam, this one is being used all the time. I've taken this call many many times. I actually enjoy them, and as of yet have not recieved the dreaded unrequested invoice.

Having already known of the way telemarketers work, I have fun with them. I will give out the company name and address. This is public information and they already have it. After that, mums the word for these low life internet directory telemarketers. I use my casual fun voice saying "oh now you know I can't give you that" or "you don't need that information, I am done with this call" always ending with, "we are not interested but thank you."

What About Your Business?

Does Your Business Recieve These Types Of Internet Directory Scam Calls

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Inform Your Employee's About These Calls

To safe gaurd your business from falling prey to these internet directory marketing calls speak openly with your employee's about how they work. Get educated on the current scams out there.

The Internet Directory Telemarketers will do as they wish with any information they can collect. Then sell the compliled mailing list to the highest bidder. Having specific details about a business can be powerful for telemarketers who use mailing lists to make cold calls.

You do not have to give up any information. Legitimate business do not call to update internet directories in this manner. The phone book companies already have your information and if they want to contact you, they will identify themselves at the beginning of the phone call. If you get a sketchy call claiming to be for an internet directory you can hang up. Or first say you are not interested and then hang up. Do not feel pressured to give anyone information about your company.


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