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The Business of Blogging

Updated on June 15, 2017
the business of blogging can be successful if you stay on task and work hard at making a better blog.
the business of blogging can be successful if you stay on task and work hard at making a better blog. | Source

Blogging for more than a few folks is a very formidable task. However, it certainly is capable of being just like any other job worked for online income. Making money via the web is 99% of the time knowing where to start and creating a road map or plan of action to accomplish it. Working with a remarkable strategy toppled kingdoms.

Generally there are the same questions attacking newbies to the field. There is a feeling of being whelmed with similar types of queries. Where to start? What to blog about? How much time will it take? Is there a way to make a good living doing it? Do not feel lonely. Even those no longer new to the field have started many a blogging career asking these same questions.

Get a checklist

One great way to make certain this business venture is a success is creating a checklist of tasks to follow and focus on. This is a blogging checklist capable of helping to keep thoughts and work organized

There are only so many hours in the day. This includes time to sleep and eat. Hopefully additional time to be with loved ones. Making the most of the time spent working on this new career is not easy.

Include areas of what needs to be done, what is capable of being done and the waiting list. These are the little things lost and are wonderful in helping move from a novice to a veteran.

Listen to you readers

Listening is important to the business believe it or not. Upfront is looks like all of the work is done in writing or conveying information instead of absorbing it. This is the best skill set for an online worker.

A writer owning a site such as a blog needs to discover ways to give a reader what is needed. Remember, traffic is directed based on info typed into a search engine.This is how customers come to products and services. Money is made when the right people get to the right place.

Increasing the odds of this person landing on a page means giving up what is needed or wanted. Popularity and well known topics are on top. Focus on a specific niche and go with it.

Focus on the high points or spotlights for a niche and deliver answers. Meet the expectations of anyone reading a published article.

A rant and rave over what a cat in someone's house did all day turns out to be not to popular with the everyday reader and will not statistically do well. .This is definitely a personal outlook and not for the masses. Think viral whenever an item goes to print.


Spending thousands of dollars is not needed to enrich and enhance visitors. The best way to accomplish this is to provide quality content.This means links as well as online content.

Quality content is adding something for readers or creating an online experience better than average. A blogger able to deliver quality content with answers to relevant questions, provides remarkable information and advice is bound to own successful.

An overview of vacation spots along with pics is a nice way to make a living. These articles dedicated to reviews of spots or other areas of interest in the niche.
An overview of vacation spots along with pics is a nice way to make a living. These articles dedicated to reviews of spots or other areas of interest in the niche.
Finding new ideas and innovations to write about is at times a daunting task for some folks..
Finding new ideas and innovations to write about is at times a daunting task for some folks.. | Source


Keeping everything in tip top shape is important and where a lot of would be great bloggers lose an audience. Maintaining it is a must. When discussing this item in detail it includes; research, reviewing, and writing, updating, reading. Generally doing the behind the scenes work that works to give quality content the blog.

Find out what works best for this individual endeavor. Each one is different. More seasoned bloggers have shortcuts for getting lots of the work done more efficiently.

Creating groups of posts ahead of time and schedule them over several days, weeks or even months for publication.Most of the do it yourself platforms have a easy way to take care of this. Though, never let quality suffer while attempting this task.

Writers have a number of general articles produced attracting a fair amount of views. Though, there are those whoppers out there where a million or more is the ultimate dream come true. WOW articles stand out from the rest. Those WOW writing samples take more time and energy to produce, but are what characteristically keep an audience wanting more..

Making money

Bloggers will also work on ad revenue. Working with advertisers willing to pay for the space is a typical set up. Though, the majority of those out there are tied up with Google AdSense for blogging revenue.

These are points of interest which need to be updated, changed, rearranged and analyzed on a regular basis. Generally searching through analytics is the way to make an informed decision prior to any type of change.

Analytic information is why countless bloggers have an enormous ad stream. This is a business and treating it as such means more income coming this way. Take a close look at stats to find out such things as when bloggers are visiting a site, what individuals look for and what is found or missed. These reports are divided into a variety of material and are capable of pointing lots of folks toward some of those WOW article subjects.


Once it is up and running make certain this is a structure able to endure. This equates to standing the test of time. Establish a consistency of producing quality content and keep producing it. If an audience is growing, grow it more. New advertisers coming in? Bring in more.

Considering doing a monthly newsletter? Stop considering it and do it.

Enduring and sustaining is a multitude of tasks combined to keep a venture going, growing and producing.


Getting the word out about a new one is hard work. This does not speak for itself simply sitting there. Speak up for it. Networking among other bloggers in the same niche and personally promoting it on social networks sites is wonderful. Get those readers looking for this one instead of a competitor .

Readers cannot always find an article on this blog designed specifically for them. When these folks are lost, find them. Put online sites and info on business cards as well as Facebook. Let as many people as possible know how great it is and why not being here means missing out on something wonderful to behold.

This is a checklist to for increasing the chance of success.. When living this as a profession it is a great way to earn money online, but it is also work. This checklist is a means to a good end for those sticking with the job of blogging and earning revenue.

This is a Q and A connected to blogging. Wonderful info and extremely informative for the beginner

Marianna Hewlett has started a very successful VLOG. Check out whats new in the world of online video. Blogging to a whole new level


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    • chanroth profile image

      chanroth 5 years ago from California, USA

      Thank you so much for this information! I needed that! :)

    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 5 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      Thanks for the information on blogging.I am thinking about starting one but feel I need some planning first.

    • Green Lotus profile image

      Hillary 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      You can never learn too much about blogging. Site maintenance is the key. Thanks! ...OK this is off-topic, but there is something seriously wrong with your Hubscore :(

    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 6 years ago from all over the web

      thank you for all of your support fellow hubbers!

    • LivinginVermont profile image

      LivinginVermont 6 years ago from Central Vermont

      Great information. I'm sure I'll be back to read it again. Thanks!

    • G Miah profile image

      Gous Ahmed 6 years ago from Muslim Nation

      This is great info, bookmarked and will return to read it again!

    • LindaSmith1 profile image

      LindaSmith1 6 years ago from USA

      Great you must do this tips for blogging.