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The Candidate You Ignore, May Become a Future Competitor

Updated on October 19, 2012

Startups Built From Frustartion

Woman Working on Laptop
Woman Working on Laptop | Source

Become a Competitor For the Job You Loss

Why is it so hard to find work in this economy? We constantly hear that there are millions of jobs are going unfulfilled, because people just do not have right skills that employers are looking for.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that it’s a completely different era and time. There was a time, when all you had to do was show willingness and aptitude to be able to do a job. You didn’t have to be a 100% spot on match to be able to do or be qualified for particular job. Most employers simply wanted dependable, reliable individuals that were willing to give 100% at the job they were applying for.

Every week, friends complain about seeing the same job opening posted on job boards like, career builder,, or The same positions posted week after week, day after day. In reality, we are all acutely aware that these employers are probably getting hundreds upon hundreds of applications on a weekly basis.

Without facts to back me up, I still feel safe, in suggesting that 98% of all resumes submitted are never even reviewed. So how can employers justify, receiving hundreds of resumes weekly and still not be able to find qualified help?

Nothing frustrates an individual who has been out of work for several months, than to see a job, that they are plainly, and in many cases overqualified for, posted week after week, without so much as a phone call, or the acknowledgement of the receipt of a resume.

While employers continues to sit on trillions dollars, they should be mindful that the people they refuse to employ today, are the consumers of tomorrow. While it’s not a threat, I would go as far to say, that a company that ignored you today, in your greatest time of need, may not be the company or service that you turn to when the economy strengthens.

Many startups have been started out of sheer frustration. The fact that an individual is qualified for job and is unable to find a job, has been the basis for many a startup. Wanting to take care of your family or to simply fill useful again, individuals are taking what funds they have available and building small businesses of their own.

As a test, I submitted a resume fora job posting, which had been online for a renowned job board, for more than a month. I used the exact verbiage used in the job posting. The requirements were a match in every way. No response from the HR manager or the company.

The following week, using as another resume with a different name and email address, I submitted a new qualified resume for the same posting again.

This went on for four straight weeks. No response whatsoever. I can only assume that this company received hundreds upon hundreds of resumes, and could not review them all. It begs the question, why continue to post a job, there’s no chance of being filled?

Why not simply review the hundreds of resumes that you already received? Only then, after sifting through all viable possible qualified candidates and then finding none repost the position with more specific job requirements?

Clearly there is a missed opportunity or miscommunication. It is simply inconceivable, that in a country where 23 million people are unemployed, that companies, any company would continue to post any position for longer than 30 days. I mean these positions are not for planetary scientist, or rocket scientist, or employees for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

These positions were for call-center operators, marketing specialist, and administrative positions. The frustration runs deep on both sides, with the employer and the unsuccessful candidate.

Again, I would not be surprised that out of sheer frustration, the mass unemployed, will become competitors to the employer that once largely ignored qualified candidates, in their very own fields of expertise. How is that for qualified?

So, reluctant employers beware, the candidate that you bypass today, may become your competitor of tomorrow and may just be willing to employ, the very people, sitting in piles upon piles of resumes on the side of your desk. After all, it’s competition spurs the economy.


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