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The Challenges Aren't a Reason to Stop

Updated on May 3, 2017



Better Living and Career Elevation

No matter how difficult times become. "The difficulties aren't a reason to give up on any dream or vision." There may be a lot of resistance but no person should stop achieving because of the adversity. Every person on earth will have to go through problems. There's learning going on while going through the challenges. Some have simply given up on their dreams because of the criticism and the behaviors of others. The fact remains any person who is on a journey to excel will have to face a lot of pressures. Taking time out is necessary but refuse to give up. There is no time to focus on the chaos. The chaos are distractions.

"Be Confident and Continue to Achieve. The Critics Will be There but They're Efforts to Hinder Should be Voided." By: Tanikka Paulk

Rising With Vision Continue on

In order to incur better living and to become successful there has to be continuous movement. Meaning there has to be actions performed in order to reach certain goals. Although the journey is difficult and there will be many challenges faced. The thought of not continuing on shouldn't occur. Any person who wants to achieve a dream or has a vision should feel good about trying to make their dream and vision come true. Some listen to the negativity and stop dreaming, stop pursuing, stop fighting. Every person was given a gift and has talent. Some are so afraid to allow their talent to shine because of what the hecklers and the critics will say. They're going to dish out the negatives for sure but the noise isn't a reason to cease all ideas, vision, and dreams.

Live the Dream Despite of the Noise

Indeed There Will be Many Challenges to Face

Oh yes indeed there will be a lot of challenges while traveling on a journey. There will be a lot of cynical talk and actions. We'll have to deal with some who will not only try to challenge us but will also do a lot of cruel things but despite what's done there should be no reason to stop dreaming. Some may feel as if the road is too rough and the pain which every person must go through is too much too bare. What so many will say isn't a reason to lose confidence. It can be upsetting to have to endure so much at one time but God gave it person purpose. If others are trying to stop dreams from occurring then they're afraid of where a person or persons is going.

"Let Cynics Have Their say. The Words and Actions are an Indication That There's Progress Going on." By: Tanikka Paulk

"Moving on Up!"

Move up and Continue to Believe in Progression

"Moving up and believing in Self. Nothing Wring With That." BY: Tanikka Paulk. If every person listened to what the critics have to say then there would be no achievers. The main ones to try and hinder a vision or a dream are the ones who haven't lived their own dreams. Every person should not travel along and be apart of a vision. Not all will understand or even want to understand exactly what the vision entails. There will be some who will want to dismantle the vision because of their mentality. No matter how many try to cause a disconnection there should be movement. There are so many who have tried to stop movements and there should be individuals who are willing to stand up and continue on despite what's being said and done.

Aim High and Remain Confident in You Tanikka Paulk


Won't Allow the Cynics to Stop the me Tanikka Paulk

They've tried and continue to try and stop the vision that I Tanikka Paulk have and have proof of the ideas. It's so unfortunate when so many have to deal with some who are so hateful. They're aware who the visionary is but still continue to try and disconnection purpose. Every person has a right to live their dream and there will be a lot who want to control and tag along. Refuse to carry everyone. No person should have to be pressured to bring every person on their journey. There will be some who want to come along because they want to hinder and cause grief.

"Not Allowing the Hateful to Stop the Vision." By: Tanikka Paulk

God the Creator of Mankind Will see You Through

Believe in Self Continue to use Motivation

There will be a lot of people who will try to discourage others from living their dreams. They'll even try to take away what a person has produced. The ones who want to be in control won't be concerned about coming against others. The envy will be there to try and knock and visionary down. Yes some will have to go through more than others. Be confident and continue to shine on. It's funny how people can treat some so cruel and say some of the mean things but as soon as one wants to take a stand and fight for their vision then they'll become upset. So what.

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Believing in Myself and Every Right to do so

You have 14 new group invitations You Meaning Tanikka Paulk. Please Excuse While I Tanikka Paulk administer some self talk. "Believe in Yourself and Continue to Grow." No Matter What's Said Rise Above the Hate." Loving myself. Yes there will be a lot angry people who will try to dish out guilt trips for allowing the individuals to take the dreams and the vision away. I'm continuing to move forward and any person who is trying to excel in anyway do so.


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