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The Complete Guide to Internet Marketing for Starters and Beginners

Updated on February 10, 2016


Internet Marketing


How to make your website viral

I am writing this note because i have tried this with one of my client and his website went viral. The first thing in internet marketing for starters and beginners is that you should have a good product then only people will catch your product and tell others about your product. If you have junk product then no one will pay heed to your product.

You should start with a contest on your new website and ask people visiting your website to give their name and email address to enter in the contest. Once they give their details to give your message to other people as well and hence the chain reaction starts.

The first place to start your campaign should be your linkedin connections because they know something about you and have faith in you. Then you should start banner campaigns in google and traffic exchange sites. You will get lots of prospects from these sites.

Then you should try twitter and facebook groups. Once you announce $100 incentive then many people would be interested to take part in the giveaway.

Treat the first few visitors as your affiliates and do not try to generate business with them. Mentor them and tell them your ideology. Give them some very small incentive and tell them once you start making money you will give them good dividends.

Then make YouTube videos about your product and ask your circle to share it. The basic rules of internet marketing for starters and beginners is that you reach the masses only through word of mouth. More people will talk about your product and services, more numbers will get associated with you.

Try to be honest with your initial customers and generate good rapport with them, because they will act as your ambassadors and bring more people to you.

You should make at least 40 YouTube videos about your product and keep on sharing them again and again. You should also make some off-topic videos and share them with your viewers( providing link to your main website).

The next step would be to write an ebook about your product and distribute it for free. Once you are done with that you can podcast about your product.

Viral Marketing

Paid Marketing Strategy

If you are new to internet marketing then paid advertising will not be good for you because you will waste your time and money. You should first try to generate free traffic and see the initial reactions of your customers, because you may have to change your marketing plan accordingly.

A great product is successful only if it is backed by a great customer service. Once you get a feel how your customer reacts, then only go for paid advertising.

The paid advertising is best when you place banner ads in Google and bring leads to a squeeze page through Facebook ads. I am saying it like this because Google will make your website famous and Facebook will give you details of prospective clients.

Facebook Paid Advertising

Does Paid Advertising Works?

Does Paid Advertising Works?

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The complete guide to Internet marketing for beginners

All the successful internet marketers of the world have learnt internet marketing by themselves. They just took reference from some source and built their edifice upon that. Internet marketing is an art and everybody has some distinctive way of doing it.

Earlier people were highly dependent upon SEO to make their sites successful, but it is not so. There are 49 sources of traffic and your traffic portfolio should be divergent because if one source stopped giving you traffic then other sources will bring you traffic.

It is saying that do not keep all your eggs in one basket and this should be the case with beginners who are new to internet marketing.

Soaring Traffic


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