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The Confidence to Know

Updated on April 27, 2016

I can already hear you scream out, ‘what is this guy talking about’? What opportunities? And if there are opportunities, I’m unable to make anything out of it, because this needs a lot of money, which I don’t have. This needs time, which I don’t have. This needs skills, which I don’t have. And if I did, the knowledge required is completely different from my experience and college education.

I’m sure you can think of an array of other reasons why there are no opportunities, or if I was to correct myself, no opportunities that suit you.

Whether it’s starting up an online business but not knowing how, making a home based business successful which you may have never done, changing careers with no previous experience, or deciding to pick up a sport having not started it as a child, there are plenty of examples out there of people who have been in your position and still made it through.

So again, I’ll reiterate, opportunities are plenty.

The truth is, it isn’t the lack of opportunities you are facing, more so it’s the lack of confidence.

As a motivational speaker India i believed, Winners have learned that opportunities are everywhere. Only because there are challenges along the way doesn’t mean they won’t take up on what is offered. A winner might not be able to play a sport today, yet aspires to play in the Olympics. The winner looks beyond their current abilities and focuses on his desire of being in the Olympics, knowing that the journey there will indeed shape them up to be the person who can compete at that level.

Winners have confidence. They may not have what’s needed at the start, but they will most certainly get around it, acquire it, learn it, work it, and do whatever it takes because they know what they want at the end of it. They don’t let the reasons be their excuses. They make it happen in spite of it all.

Have confidence and believe that you will become that capable person needed to reach your goals (which will come from the process of moving towards your goals).

Develop the confidence in knowing so.

Book Reference:
Above Article is taken from the book "What the World has to say about" by Motivational Speaker & Public Speaking Training Specialist Kevin Abdulrahman.



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