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The Controversial Role of Whistleblower

Updated on May 4, 2015

Hey, guys! We have been hearing the word of whisleblowing or whistleblower in the news or magazines. However; do we really know what it is? :)

  • Whistleblowing is concerned with a kind of venture in a sense that immorality and illegality are reported substantially with the person responsible or in the workplace. In other words; whistleblowing is a type of attemption which helps societies or cooperation to dissuade illicit and untrustworthy activities. Generally, whistleblowing is associated with internal communication performed by whistleblowers.

  • Nevertheless; the reliability of information given by whistleblowers may be questionable in a way that anonymous whistleblowers can cause obscurity with their data or some bad- tempered whistleblowers intentionally have a tendency to create a bad reputation for someone for the sake of their own interest. Therefore; the intention of whistleblowers determines the essence of whistleblowing. Whistleblowers in bad intention can be those who are mistaken and affect badly to the organization. In this aspect, whistleblowers are responsible for their moral decision related to the rules of ethics. The question that whistleblowers are life- saver or trickster depends on their own ethical understanding and intention.

  • To sum up; whistleblowing is a strategic asset in any kind of corporation in terms of carrying on a stable workplace regardless of the illegal interference and preserving fame and benefits. The act of whistleblowing may give a rise to the dilemma between a whistleblower as someone reporting information of misdemeanor on behalf of others or as someone reflecting an unethical approach towards the organization. That’s why whistleblowers informing an unsuitable practice can protect social welfare and demonstrate their moral quality. On the other hand; some whistleblowers in bad intention can bring about their failure and countless problems to their organization. As a result, whistleblowers are undeniably important part of whistleblowing and the quality of a whistleblower are the main matter to be considered.

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