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The Costco Job Application

Updated on October 26, 2011

Who is Costco you might ask? They are a large retail/grocery store that sells everything from home furnishings to every day groceries. They hire well over 100 employees per location.The stores need for a high number of employees benefits any job seeker. As an employee of Costco you will be pleased by the stores excellent management and competitive pay. Many people start out at Costco part-time but soon advance in the ranks and make a career out of their employment. If you are serious about pursuing a career with Costco, you should keep a few things in mind. As an employee you will likely need to spend many hours on your feet as well as lift boxes weighing 30 pounds or more. This article will provide you with everything you need to get started in the Costco application process.

Most Costco locations give their potential applicants two options on how to apply. You may either apply online or in person. To apply online you will need to log on to Costco's head website and click on the link entitled "job opportunities"(bottom of page). The job opportunities page lets you view available jobs, submit an application, and search frequently asked questions. Additionally it gives you information on what working at Costco will entail. To submit your application online simply find the store nearest you and search for openings in your area. Follow the simple online instructions to fill in each blank on the application.

Some prefer to apply for a job in person. If this is you, then find your nearest Costco location (available at and request a paper application in the store. If you like, you may take this opportunity to meet the manager and express your interest in the company. Optionally, you may wait to meet the manager/supervisor when you turn in your application. Meeting the manager will give a good impression and help increase your chances of gaining employment. After your application has been turned in, call the store every now and then to check on your application and possible schedule an interview.

As an applicant you will to be happy to know that Costco has a very good employee benefits program. It is really is impressive how many benefits the company offers. Here are just a few benefits Costco offers employees: health care, dental care, vision care, pharmacy program, 401k, and more. To view a complete overview of Costco's benefit program, refer to the career opportunities section of the company's main website. Keep in mind: Full-time employees are benefit eligible after 90 working days, part-time employees are eligible after 180 working days, salaried employees are eligible one month after being hired.

Some jobs at Costco will require you to apply in person. Such jobs are typically high level corporate positions. If you are interested in a corporate gig, find the nearest Costco corporate headquarters near you. The careers typically are not entry level and will require a certain amount of college or experience.

If you are in need of a fair and respectful workplace I recommend putting an application in to Costco immediately. Here is an overview of the reasons why you should do so:Exciting opportunities

  • Personal and career growth
  • Friendly and supportive work environment
  • Stability Employment
  • A workplace focused on ethics and obeying the law
  • Great Benefits Packages

The sooner you get your application in, the sooner you can start your career at Costco. Hopefully all goes well, good luck.


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