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The Death Of Adsense

Updated on February 13, 2012

Death of Google Adsense

Within three years, hundreds or thousands of dollars in revenue within a few months to five months webmaster directory number hundreds of images - Google AdSense contextual advertising program.

Indeed, many Internet gurus importantly how to monetize traffic to AdSense sites created by the wind.

AdSense revenue is divided between Google and AdSense publisher ... The owner of this site - it's a good cozy and profitable format.

Google has always been compared with the number of Adsense Adwords pay per click advertisers with publishers to pay for a ratio of mind ... AdSense publishers in some sense, but the speed is still in the last three years - you have a number cruncher, Google, to the financial information you see here can be explained COM / fin_data.html

As publisher of AdSense, you can up to $ 4 $ 6 Adword - - This is a reward for past or Google Adword results to find a website or some AdSense publishers AdSense ads are not seen because I know, Google does not tell me!

AdSense on Google content network is a personal site.

November 22, 2005 Google made changes to its advertising program AdWords, which will show ads on Google search results varying amounts proposed, and the ad in a separate web site AdSense publishers will be displayed.

As a result, click on the advertiser's and publisher's AdSense for content, click the network with speeds ranging from 5 cents to $ 5 ... If you happen to AdSense publisher, ah!

This is the way to the end of Adsense publishers?

Is there life after Adsense?

AdSense publishers can do to compensate for the loss of income?

Could it be much more than your website with AdSense - it's probably a blessing in disguise!


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