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The Dos and Donts of Job Interview

Updated on June 1, 2012

Job interview is an important part of the whole job hunting process. To help you set the stage right and crack the job interview like a pro we have listed down a couple of Dos and Donts to be kept in mind while facing a job interview.

Job Interview Dos

·Do … Dress appropriately for the job interview. Personal cleanliness and proper attire adds weight age to your personality.

·Do … Arrive 10 to 15 minutes in advance to the job interview venue. This gives you a chance to relax and make yourself comfortable.

·Do … Research about the company profile. Google and browse through their social network profiles to understand the mission and vision of the company. The more you know about the company, the better position you are in, to answers questions related to the company profile.

·Do… Maintain good body gestures and eye contact during the interview. Leaning and fidgeting during the job interview is a big NO. Mind the way you move your hands while answering the questions, too much of waving the hands gives a negative impression.

·Do… Ask for a clarification if you do not understand the question properly. It is always better to ask when in doubt rather then blabbering something which is absolutely out of context.

·Do… Greet the receptionist and other people you meet with respect and courtesy. Remember your every move is monitored and first impression during the job interview has a great impact.

·Do… Fill the job application, neatly, completely and accurately. Misspellings and contact information should be double checked to avoid any errors.

·Do… Showcase a positive and enthusiastic approach during the interview along with being honest. Be yourself and do not try to pretend, being yourself will make you more confident and sound realistic.

·Do… Prepare yourself a brief and an impressive introductive note, as this is normally the first question for many job interview. Being prepared is the key to success.

·Do… Bring extra resume to the job interview, in addition to all your required documents properly filed up, so that last minute hassles and fumbling is avoided.

Job Interview Donts

· Don’t… Be soft-spoken during the interview. A clear loud voice showcases confidence and makes you standout in the crowd.

· Don’t… Say anything negative or bad about your previous employer. None of the employer wants to hear a negative tone from a candidate.

· Don’t… Emphasize on money or compensation part until the last round. As per HR norms salary should be discussed when the candidate clears all the rounds of interview.

· Don’t… Be dishonest while answering the questions, remember interviewers are experienced people any lie will be caught and will have a negative impression.

· Don’t… Answer any cell calls during the interview, rather the cell phone should be in a silent mode. The interviewer would not like to be distracted in between an important discussion for which he has invested his time, money & effort.

· Don’t… Display any kind of dislike for any work, may it be related to your current job profile or previous schoolwork or any other activities.

· Don’t… Start a statement with “I think”, always be realistic and if possible quote real stats/data.

· Don’t… Arrive wearing MP3 headphones in your ear OR wearing sunglasses on your head. This would not look professional.

· Don’t… Swear, even mildly as this gives a negative impact. Rather be straight forward.

· Don’t… Forget to thank the panel and send a thank you note post interview. This would help you quickly re-advertise your profile in the interviewers mind.


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