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The Elements Needed for a Business Website to be Successful

Updated on September 14, 2015

The right website look is a must for business success

Even if your business is strictly a brick and mortar one, you will need a website to promote it. Consumers are no longer interested in exclusively using the classic model of the Yellow Pages style print directories to locate services and products. They are now venturing to the search engines because doing so is a much easier and more reliable. As such, all entrepreneurs are well advised to have a quality business website published. Without one, business success is going to remain elusive.

Quality Rules the Day

The key point to adhere to is you must create a quality website. Simply patching together a website together on a free hosting site and quickly publishing it would not be beneficial. Rather, the site will need to apply several concepts to help it present a professional appearance to those who may be considering becoming customers.

Does this mean the site needs to embody anything out of the ordinary in order to deliver on expectations? No, the truth of the matter is that as long as the website prescribes to a few basic, common sense business website concepts, it can be quite successful.

What Type of Business are You Running?

First, the look of the website needs to immediately tell visitors what exactly is the type of business it is promoting. This may seem like the most basic of basic points but it is shocking how may business websites overlook it. Instead, the websites will concentrate on graphics and catchy advertising tag lines which may draw attention, but never actually inform the visitor what the business is. This is a serious mistake because it confuses visitors. Confused visitors will not likely remain on a site for very long.

Organization Means A Great Deal

The website certainly must embody a high level of clarity. That means the website must be properly organized and reflect the right mix of content and graphics. You would not want the site to present wordy content that drones on nor would you want the site to present content that was too sparse. Similarly, you do not want an overabundance of graphics or images. (Too few graphics and images is another troubling issue) A proper balance between graphics and written content enhances the potential for a business website to be easy to navigate.

A business website must also embody ease of navigation. Visitors to the site should easily be able to find the various different subpages without any difficulty. It should also go without saying that none of the links on the site should be broken.

Where is the Shopping Cart?

You definitely will want the site to contain user-friendly shopping cart software. A business website with less than desirable shopping cart software is not going to succeed in the marketplace. A potential customer will not tolerate having to deal with shopping carts that are not easy to use. If they have to jump through hoops to make a purchase, they will just go elsewhere.

Simplicity and Basics

Most of the elements required for a business website to be successful are rather simple and straight forward. These elements do need to be in place though if you want the website to deliver on all intended goals.


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