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The Elephants Training

Updated on October 10, 2011

Elephants are extremely large, yet they are akin to humans in a variety of ways. People have them in circuses for amusement. They start the training of an elephant at an early age. One the process in to connect a huge rope to the elephants leg and the moment he or she senses tension it stops it forward movement. When this pound elephant is an adult you can connect a nylon string to it, and again the slightest resistance will impede its forward mobility. Now, applying this same logic to a human, it you verbally connect restraints to the mind of the individual or group at or during the developmental stage the consequences are dire. Psychologists are well aware of this process and one other which is the focus of this article.


This is a process use in order to gain complete control and obeiedence of the person or group. This process in carried in such a way as to render the individual or group helpless. This is a very clever process wherein the subject or subjects are not aware of what is transpiring even after they are under the control of the indoctrinator This is a process that started at a unknown date and continued for more than two hundred and fifty years, the damaged done is insurmountable. The individuals damaged during this process are still under the affects of this process. When, these people are observed, an outer appearance indicates they are normal. However, the trained eye can see that they are completely disconnected from their origins and in most cases are unable to reconnect. Psychiatrists will suggest that to solve a problem and gain assistance, the individuals or group must admit there is a problem. However, it an individual or group have had their entire history, culture and family connection removed and kept isolated from any connections with there pass the problem is nearly irreversible. The Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, just to name a few are in American, but there is a land base and culture they can and do connect with.


Many of the Japanese and Chinese speak a language that has their culture and history embedded in that language. The Mexican while in Mexico does speak a language that connects them to a land base, it is not their original it is the language of the conquistadors. Nevertheless, there are places in Mexico where some of the original languages are still spoken. The only group who is without his or her original culture and in many cases is unaware of and finds it difficult to make a connection is the African-American. They are from Africa and all of their culture and history is there. The period of servitude over a four or five hundred-year period is a very small part of the African-Americans history. There are few textbooks that mention significant accomplishment in ancient and recent history of any great importance. It is impossible for conquerors to admit any human qualities or cultural values and accomplishment of any importance. This is how the Dutch East India Company could destroy entire civilization in order to gain complete control of the spice trade; it is how the Spanish conquistadors could destroy the literary accomplishments along with the cities. Not to mention the disease they brought that assisted in the demise of a great civilization. The majority of this destruction was to gain wealth, but at what cost.

Major Players

Spain, Holland, France, England, Belgium and Portugal with the assistance of the Pope and his Papal Bull are complicit in the entire drama of destruction. The previous mention countries are not he only one, but the major players. There are those in academic circle who suggest that as many as 12,000 Africans were taken from their homeland per year. It is also the belief that African Kings where involved with this activity, yes after many of them were enticed to drink what is known as one part of the triangle, rum. This is how it happen get the king intoxicated convince him to sell the war captors for a nominal amount are take them by force continuously. During this time period commencing in the early fifteen and continuing into the 1800’s Africa was under a process of depletion. It was losing highly skilled craftsmen, noblemen, women and children. It for instance one hundred thousand were hijacked for slavery 30, 000 were either dumped over board or they jumped contemplating the horror of enslavement.

This trade in horror made all of the about nations extremely wealthy. In this instance you have the conqueror and the conquered and a genuine dilemma how do you assist the person or group out of the dilemma you created out of greed. And there must be some dialog on how it is going to be done. As this chapter in the Africans experience ended, the law stated that any person caught attempting to carry on the slave TRADE which is completely different from slavery which ended in THEORY later, the punishment was death. Yet, only one person was ever convicted of the continuation of this crime. It must be stated that the Dutch receive credit for bring people who were free and made into slaves to North America in 1619 which is a false statement. Yet they did free the people they had in servitude and charged them a price that was to be paid on a yearly basis, if not back to servitude. Robert Carter is known is history as the Emancipator, yet he did not want any credit. His father was one of the ones who the moment an African was unloaded he started a regime of humiliation, calling them by names that were not their own and insisting that others in his employ do the same. In order to understand this whole process you must understand credit. Many of these people were indebt to European Merchants and when those payments came do it was either pay up or they would be treated as they had treated the human cargo.


In summary there is a growing consensus that American in general and Europe in particular should and must agree upon a way of repairing the physical and mental damage done to African-American just as it came to agreement on what to do about Europe under the Marshall Plan, How it came to an agreement on assisting Japan after that incident. In the same way that Germany and it allies are paying for their ww2 incident. It should not pose a problem. Know that the very wealth of nation is due in part to million who died physically and other who continue to die mentally.


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