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The Event Presidential Ads

Updated on August 13, 2016

The Event

Discouraging Voter Turn Out.

And it occurred to me that the purpose of the show The Event maybe to depress voter turn out and encourage disenfranchisement among the youth vote. I'd strongly discourage any voting fraud. I think it is a pretty unhealthy position to take that you hate the government when you are young. Being against government as a child means you miss many opportunities as an adult.

Fringe may also be artificially depressing voter turn out.

And it is not like the USA can afford to have voting fraud occur. The elections in 2000 were bad and the the elections in 2008 weren't so great with Acorn.

We need a strong clean clear winner in this election. Our country is always at war with weak leaders much like Julius Caesar.


Do you think weak leaders are more attempt to engage in wars abroad because they are unable to deal with wars at home?

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If you wish to be a disenfranchised in America wait until you are a senior citizen. Because that is when it happens or when you turn 40.

Until then, matter. You can watch whatever you want but don't drink the cool aid. Get registered to vote and make your voice count. It is your future and it is yours for the price of registering, being educated, informed, and showing up to cast your vote. You make the difference.

So belong while you are young. Make your voice heard in American Politics. Seize every opportunity you are presented and embrace your country until you become the disenfranchised.

You have to belong to something before you can rebel against it and when you are a senior citizen you'll be disenfranchised entirely.


Do you believe you should participate in government before you rebel against it?

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Presidential Candidates Books 2012

United We Stand

In order to have a compliant in this country you have to take a stand somewhere. It doesn't matter whether you are a Republican or a Domocrat or an Independent. You are here and if you wish to be apart of this country you must vote within it. Then when you are dissatisfied with the outcome, complain. But until then educate yourself on the electoral process and the candidates. And make a stand in 2012. Change doesn't meaning complaints. Change means everyone Unites in participation in the next presidential election.


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