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The Facts On Bullying - Cause and Effect

Updated on June 14, 2012

The Facts

It is amazing how so many people are affected by this ongoing conflict. It is not a war or battle, but kids die every year from it. What is this mysterious killer? The answer is bullying. Bullying creates a terrible effect on anyone that experiences it, including the bully. First of all, bullies make their victims depressed and make them lack self-confidence. Secondly, the bully gains negative qualities. Lastly, it distracts everyone around the bully and the victim from a quality education.

Did you know that 60% of boys who were bullied in middle school have had at least 1 criminal conviction by the age of 24? Bullying has a terribly negative effect on the victim. As many as 160,000 kids skip school on any given day because of bullying. The bully makes the victim feel like he/she is not important in life. It sometimes even drives them crazy. Studies show that 15% - 25% of elementary kids admit that they have been bullied! How would you feel if everyday you were told you meant nothing to the world? Three teenagers will go to court soon in Massachusetts for literally bullying a sixth grader to death. The sixth grader just couldn’t take it anymore.

Bullying Also Hurts Bullies

You also must remember that the bullying also hurts bullies. 15% - 20% of elementary kids report that they have bullied someone before. They develop terrible qualities that give them a disadvantage later in life. reports that children who bully are more likely to engage in criminal and anti-social behaviors. When you become an adult, you cannot get away with harassing your peers. If you develop that quality when you’re young, you won’t get far in life. Surveys have shown that both boys and girls that have been or are bullies are much more likely to carry a concealed weapon. Especially if you’ve been a bully, you won’t usually come out on top. You will have someone superior to you that won’t take nonsense. Also, states like Wisconsin have created strict bullying laws so that extreme bullies could possibly be arrested.

My final reason is the lack of education a victim and bully will get. Expert Patricia McDougall confirms that bullying affects the development of the bully. Bullies and victims are either afraid of each other or focused on teasing each other. states that victims are significantly more prone to missing more school because of unexcused absences. It doesn’t feel good to be constantly thinking of a bully. Instead of doing his/her homework, a bully might be planning to embarrass his/her victim. Studies show that both even have a higher risk of running away from home in attempt to miss school all together. I wouldn’t want to be a victim or a bully. Boston University of Education will have a meeting on March 11 to discuss how to prevent this situation.

Lets Change How We React To Bullying

There are some people in the world that believe that bullying improves a kid’s behavior. Maybe it really does “toughen a kid up”. A survey in Australia showed that 5% of kids say that the bullying does them good and they are not bothered by it. Some people even believe that bullying helps a bully’s self-confidence and leading ability. In my opinion that is a terrible assumption. Maybe if their child were being bullied they would truly understand. It could be that these people were once bullies themselves and want to feel better about their past actions.

In conclusion, bullying is not the path to take to become happy with yourself. Actually, it is the absolute worst way to feel better about yourself. Being a bully has negative effects for the victim and even the bully. The moral of the story is do not bully. Just put yourself in the victim’s shoes. Try to understand what is going through their head. That alone can do you wonders.


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    • jackjackkiwi profile image

      jackjackkiwi 5 years ago from Charlotte

      Thanks for your comments! I think everyone has been bullyed, seen bullying, or has been a bully at some point in their life. Most people can relate on a personal level to the topic.

    • profile image

      Larry Wall 5 years ago

      Bullying is bad and it is getting worse because of cyberbullying and I do not know a solution. I was bullied in school because of a speech impairment, the fact I wore glasses, was athletically inept, only an average student, no teacher's favorite and just not special to anyone except the buillies. Teachers never see anything. If you complain, the schools do nothing but talk to the bullying and it only gets worse. Athletic coaches will protect their team members and some students have others do their dirty work for them, so their hands are always clean.

      There are three alternatives for the person being bullied.

      1. He can go along with it and try to be the lackey for the pack of bullies.

      2. He can retaliate, but he will usually lose and get in more trouble than the bully.

      3. This was my choice. Try to ignore as much as possible. Resign yourself to the fact you are going to have to put up with some of it. Let it be known that you might report them--even if you never do, and then tell them that teachers and coaches are asking if you are having any problems with so and so, but you said nothing you could not handle.

      The first group will survive. They will be the people that the bully will say years later, "Oh we gave Bill or Bob a hard time, but he did not mind--he liked the attention." He did not like it--it was his way of survival.

      The second group might be the lost group. THey may quit school and get the job bagging groceries or join the service as soon as possible.

      The third group, my group, will survive and you can say at the end of your high school career, you will know you have already accomplished something on your own. If you can do that, the bullies in the business world will not be a threat to you.

    • michememe profile image

      Miche Wro 5 years ago

      Bullying is awful. I don't remember it being as bad as it is when I was younger. Prehaps I really didn't pay attention to it, because I wasn't a victim. Just recently my daughte was bullied at school, and to say the least I was livid. I often wonder how can parents not see these traits in their children. My daughter can have a smart mouth, so if a teacher states she has sassed them, I know it's truth to that. So that goes to my point, how do parents not know that this trait of bullying is in their children. I always informed my children we never pick at others or say mean things to hurt their feelings. If it's now what you want for yourself don't do it to others. Well, that concious talk has worked for 18 years.