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The Financial Road Show

Updated on June 6, 2012

Road shows have been around for a long time, they use the idea of a travelling marketer, basically promoting and selling an idea or product. While the idea hasn't changed a lot over time the reasons and methods have.

A newer type of road show has emerged in the 21st Century and it's known as the Financial Road Show, but what's a financial road show really?

The different Financial Road Shows

From my research and knowledge there are three main types of Financial Road Shows that, even though they are each financially related, as road shows they are very different to each other. They all however require a good deal of planning and the use of excellent local services and knowledge.

A Corporate Performance Road Show.

Taking a look at each of the types of Financial Road Show we start with The Corporate Performance Road Show, this is a road show where corporate companies travel to talk to investors. These are usually performed directly after the release of financial accounts either quarterly or yearly and they involve representatives travelling and having meetings with individuals or small groups of share and stock holders to discuss the performance of the company they're invested in.

An IPO Road Show

The second financial road show type we look at is the IPO Road show; this is when a privately owned company is looking to make an Initial Public Offering (IPO) which is when the company's shares become publically available for purchase. The road show involves company representatives travelling and marketing their business to potential investors, with the aim that when they make the company publically listed they've attracted a lot of investors from previous meetings which aids them gain investor income through the sale of shares which they then use in investing in the business growth and or reducing debt.

An Angel Investor Road Show

Another not so common type is the Angel Investor Road Show, this is where a start-up type company travels and holds meetings with angel investors, marketing their ideas and proposals in the hope that they can gain some form of startup capital. This type of road show obviously can include venture capitalists; the difference between the two is angel investors usually invest their own money into companies, where are venture capitalists manage a pool of funds from many different investors.

Corporate Service Providers

All these types of financial road shows require a good deal of planning and execution, since they usually involved the company representatives travelling to towns, cities or countries that are not their own they have to rely on local services to get them from meeting to meeting.

The best way to organize this is to use a local corporate car, corporate sedan or limousine service. It's important to note that when hiring the services of one of these there are a few points to take note in, the company should be experts in arranging city travel for financial road shows as it's extremely important that you arrive at each meeting on time and prepared.

The corporate sedan service should be experts in the city transit, routes and busy times to be able to negotiate and prepare for any situation that could put your meeting timing in jeopardy. Another good service flay is if the corporate care service give you direct communication access to the driver which allows for better streamlining the city travelling.

The driver should also be a wealth of knowledge of the city and be able to give advice on anything that you might require for your meetings such as great places for lunch or evening meal meetings, or a great place to grab a quick bite to eat on the way to your next meeting.


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