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The Foundation Of Being A Gentleman

Updated on August 27, 2014

Who Is a Gentleman?

The definition may vary from a person to person, but there are certain characteristics and attributes that you will find in all gentlemen. What are they? Are they fierce? Do they look mannered and ethical?

Do they respect women and know how to earn respect? All these things, including a lot more, are some basic traits of gentlemen, but acquiring them is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time, dedication and morals for anyone to develop these traits.

It is worth noting that one cannot be a gentleman overnight. Your upbringing, principles and morals work as a foundation of being a gentleman and sticking by the good ones help a person flourish in life in all respect. So, what are the things that one should focus on when aiming to become a gentleman? Let us take a look at them below:

1. Well Directed Focus

A lot of people happen have a habit of multitasking, which is actually good. But multi-tasking your brain is not at all good. Gentlemen are subtle and focus on accomplishing single goal at one point of time. In short, they prefer doing only one thing a day and leave the rest for next day.

So, if you want to make modification in your business strategies, attend meeting abroad and discuss new products with your partners, it is better to schedule all the three different tasks on different days, instead of accommodating all in just one.

2. They Listen Before Comprehending

You heard it right! You will always find a gentleman putting all his ears in what you have to say, before putting forth his own opinion or decision.

Listening calmly and patiently is the basic foundation trait of any gentleman that helps him grow in life as a successful individual.

3. Maintain To-Do List

Have you heard about it before? Of course, you did when your teacher used to guide you about maintaining a to-do list and you never bothered to. Guess the people who are labeled as gentlemen took it quite seriously!

Apparently, 81% of the successful people maintain a to-do list. Once they reach their office, they don’t waste time in juggling their minds. They make a compiled list of things to do and cross-off the ones done.

4. Make HBD Calls

What exactly are HBD calls? Confused! Well, it is as simple as you would even have thought of. HBD calls means making happy birthday calls to your close friends, relatives, colleagues and business associates.

It has been observed that gentlemen never forget important occasions. They maintain good level of touch with people they know, as well as make strong rapport with their business associates.

5. Write Down Goals

As mentioned above, gentlemen do have a good habit of making a to-do list. But, did you know they also write down their specific goals?

Apparently, a gentleman will always write down his goals before taking steps to accomplish it. It has been studied that the act of writing goals helps people to cement their direction and get closer to achieving what they desire.

6. Read 30 Minutes Everyday

The more you read, the more you learn! This is absolutely true about all the millionaires you see around. They have a habit of reading at least 30 minutes a day to improve their knowledge. This also helps them make good career moves and business decisions.

Anything that contains some worthy knowledge attracts their attention instantly. In fact, you will always find a gentleman carrying a copy of magazine or newspaper with him all the time.

7. Maintain a Mysterious Presence

Did you know that only a few gentlemen will let you know what is going on in their mind? This might be a good reason to believe that their thoughts are valuable and if communicated publicly, they can have huge impact on their business, life and career.

A gentleman believes in the philosophy to stay shut, than seeing his words getting twisted or used for someone else’s benefit.

8. Wake Up Early

Do they have a choice? With so much to handle all day long, they really need to get friendly with their early morning alarm, and this is actually a good habit. It has been observed that nearly 44% of the riches wake up at least 3 hours before their work starts. Waking up early keeps you healthy, happy and active throughout your life.

It also helps you manage your day and time appropriately, so you have enough time for everything. The earlier you leave the bed, the more time you have in your hand for your daily work and you may end up with some time left in your hand to pursue something productive.

9. Teaching Good Success Habits

Gentlemen teach good success lessons to their children daily. This is actually a good habit and not just ensures that you are well aware of your fundamentals, but also help your child develop good business skills. This is actually a long term strategy that helps your kids get familiar with the fundamentals and basics of being a gentleman.

10. Life-long Educational Self-Improvement

Learning does not have any age bar. As long as you are willing to learn, you will never feel short of information and education. Every gentleman would believe in lifelong educational self-improvement. Since we all have grown up learning some or the other things every day and still do, but only a few of us take those things seriously.

A gentleman will always be aware of his mistakes, learn from them and never repeat them in future. He believes in taking lessons from life. One should never stop learning and improving throughout life. School is not the last stop for education. Keep learning and everything will start making sense in the end.

Learn to Dress Like a Gentleman. This is truly the Best Book for Learning it!

Surprisingly, the route to becoming a gentleman is not at all difficult, if you have the right foundation. Adopting good habits will not just open the way to good opportunities, but also help you think more widely and productively.

All you need is to stay focused on your goals, work towards self-improvement and ensure that you do not compromise with your principles and morals to get what you want. Your basic traits and character will determine how difficult or easy your journey to become a gentleman will be!

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