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The Freeware Approach to Promoting your Viral eBooks

Updated on February 13, 2010

How can I promote myself online with no money at all?

I know this is the question I always ask. I have no interest in placing money into any of my advertising campaigns. Everything I do from here on is gonna be free methods. I am going to show you how to generate traffic using only free methods that promise to deliver results sooner rather than later. The techniques and freeware directories used may result in residual traffic for a long period of time to your website or program you are advertising.

There is no shame in trying to save a dollar, especially in the situation that the economy is in right now. There is always a free method that can be just as good as the paid methods that are swarming the market. Take a look at the following list and description of freeware directories that allow you to submit your viral reports and free eBooks to their directories for download, which allows you to build your traffic simply by letting others pass around your report to everyone else.

Viral Marketing. Online "Word of Mouth" Marketing.
Viral Marketing. Online "Word of Mouth" Marketing.

The eBook Directory consists of a large database of eBooks that can help you out with your marketing. These eBooks cover all different topics and are submitted all around the world by people who want to make a name for themselves. They also offer free downloads of eBooks/reports with resell rights to help you start off your own online business with product(s) to sell. But you aren't here for that. You're here to learn how to use eBook Directory to start generating massive amounts of traffic to your website or any other program you are advertising.

eBook Directory allows you to submit free eBooks/reports to their directory in any category of your choice. There are thousands of visitors coming to this website on a daily basis, which allows you to start increasing your income as soon as you submit your product to their directory.


Bittorrent is a free torrent file website that allows you to download and submit torrents to their directory. Bittorrent enjoys the company of millions of people on a daily basis just craving something new to download. Yes, downloading stuff from the internet can be a little addictive. Its your time to take advantage of this scenario by submitting your eBooks/reports to Bittorrent, and start enjoying the increase in traffic that your advertising method will receive on a daily basis.

The software that you will have to download to use Bittorrent is the same software you can use to turn your eBooks into viral gold, generating massive traffic for a long time to come.


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    • Monsa profile image

      Sara Moncrieff 8 years ago from Maidenhead, berkshire

      Thanks for this info, I will go and check it out now.