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How to Drop Unemployment by 10% Overnight; The Game Changer For the USA

Updated on October 7, 2015

Great Despair in America Two Years Ago

Dropping Unemployment by 10% Overnight

In the history of our country we have seen terriblly high unemployment before and the government has tools in the tool box to end unemployment almost immediately. If there is no money in the corporations then unemployment is more difficult to resolve. But there is more money on the books of corporations now more than ever. Therefore corporations can higher and reduce unemplyment by ten percent in the next month. There is really no reason for them not to except greed. But then they are not thinking it through. USA corporations depend on the military industrial complex and the USA intelluiugence agencies. There is a reciporcal relationship. If corporations do not higher then they may not be able to rely uppon defence and intelligence so readily. There is also a flat regressive tax that is causing inflation which has to removed from all products in the USA including but not limited to gasoline. This will benefit Americans and improve trade relations.

Chart of Corporate Cash Flow from 1940 to 2010

So How to End Unemployment in the United States?

We have to put our domestic policy first before we can be involved in foreign policy. It is unconsciousable that we would even spend a dime overseas when we can't take care of our own people nor can our people find employment. So before anything else, no more money in aid overseas.

Our educational system needs to be strong enough for our citizens to be competitive on the market place but we have many middle aged people who are competitive with the world market and yet they are not being highered by corporations. Our country needs to offer incentives to higher USA college graduates before any other citizen since our currency is the reserve currency of the world. Honestly, I believe the Yen to be the reserve currency nof the world. Still yet corporations have the cash flow to higher Americans.

Quite literally, unemployment in the USA could drop by 10% over night if corporations would simply hire.

This is America Now

These Are the States Effected and The Next Presidential Election

Six Steps to Rebuilding the American Economy and Dropping Unemployment by 10% Overnight

1) Federalize the corporations and force them to hire. The USA government has the ability to do this and has in the past.

During World War II and after the Depression the Corporations were federalized. I know this as my family was required to turn over their Steel factory in Pennsylvania for the purposes of government to run it and employ people. The corporation was run into the ground employing people but the health of corporations over the welfare of the country is not acceptable. But corporations have massive amounts of cash on their books and they can well afford to higher and higher massively. There is a choice being made not to higher right now. The government needs to come in and federalize the corporations and force them to higher even if that means the Executive branch doesn't get the 45 million dollar salary each year.

2) Rebuild the Five Pillars of Prosperity in America.

Rebuild the Five Pillars of Prosperity in America. We have certain trades in which we are best at in the world and that has not changed in a global economy as a matter of fact we have always been in a global economy. It is time to rebuild what America does best. There is still a market for American Prosperity we just need leadership.

3) Only Hire Citizens. It will be shocking how quickly illegal’s apply for citizenship in the USA.

As revolutionary as this sounds it will end illegal immigration to this country immediately. But I would also make certain that those who applied for citizenship would be allowed to be hired after they have paid all fines and complied with all immigration policies. We are a country of immigrants and we always wish to embrace the immigrant. We just want them to follow the policies so they can't be exploited as criminals in America.

And fine all employers of illegal immigrants.

4) Throw all the Bums out of DC.

Throw the Bums Out of DC. Everyone must go. Washington has failed the People for to long to have any justification for employment. Fire DC. That will shake things up and I doubt there is a good job market for ex-senators of this economy. This is especially true for The Tea Party which is not a party but anarchists.

5) Tax

Just federalizing corporations will not be enough taxes will have to be increased on everyone making over $250,000 a year which I might add the Democrats and Republicans have a history of not doing. And the removal of the flat regressive tax will have to occur inorder for the middle class and the poor to survive. The middle class and the poor have been paying taxes far to long in this country while the rich get away with high way robbery. Tax the rich and take away the flat regressive taxes so the economy can flourish and small business can hire.

6) End Organized Crime

Organized crime has exploded in the USA since 9/11 and organized criminals are the wealthy as well and they are impossible to tax. Organized crime in the USA needs to end in the USA and that starts with the DC crowd.

Where Are The Jobs?

Why Is Common Sense Ignored In This Era

I wrote this article again over two years ago and not one of these suggestions have been implememted with the exception of throwing the bums out. These are straight forward answers to real problems outside the beltway and yet they are not being embraced or even acknowledged. So why is common sense being abandoned in this era? Probably because it pays to well for Washington to grow up and change. As I type this tonight, the party rages on in DC at the expense of the people outside the beltway.

Apparently, no one goes to DC to work but to recycle bad policies and party at the expense of those they should be serving. How unpatriotic of DC!


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Hi Peter,

      They will either do it or they will be out of government. It is a reality tht is upon them.

    • PETER LUMETTA profile image


      7 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      No one in the country with the will and power to do any of the things you suggest, so we the people must do it for them,



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