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The Grant Cardone Success Schedule: The Power To Advance & Conquer

Updated on October 6, 2015

Once you've gone all in and committed to create success in your life, how do you adjust your schedule for success? How do you schedule for success? What would be the first step in creating your success schedule? The following schedule from Grant Cardone will take you beyond time management and into maximizing every minute to enable you to create the success you want and deserve in your life. This is the same schedule that Grant Cardone followed and follows to fast track his way to success and maintain high levels of production regardless of what's happening with the economy.

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"Don't go to work to work, go to work to prosper!"


  • Wake up and prepare to win
  • Write your goals down (first thing after waking)
  • 20 minutes of exercise or motivational training


  • Healthy Breakfast
  • Dress Professionally and Successfully
  • Turn drive time into learn time
  • Stop by a neighbor on the way to work


  • Arrive early (never be late and get in front of 8)
  • Update battle plan - ask yourself: "How do I get in front of 8 today?"
  • Daily sales meeting with Group - 20 minutes MAX!
  • Save a deal meeting - salvage any working accounts


  • Massive outflow
  • Follow up 100% yesterday's opportunities (no exceptions)
  • Make a personal visit before 10am
  • Send out 10 emails with video or link before 11am
  • Make 10 calls to confirm receipt of email
  • Mandatory - 5 in service clients before 11am
  • Call all last week mail that you sent out
  • Fax or Email blast all of last weeks opportunities with alternative product
  • Rework deals that need approval


  • Call Client List For Lunch
  • Community or Country Club lunch


  • Massive outflow
  • Send mail to 5 previously sold customers
  • Send mailers to 5 all opportunities 2 weeks old
  • Send out 5 mailers to friends
  • Send out 5 mailers to business contacts
  • Send out 5 birthday cards
  • Make personal visit before 4:30
  • 10 minutes of motivation and training


  • Handle appointments and walk in traffic
  • Write up every opportunity
  • Turn every customer to a manager


  • Create tomorrow's battle plan
  • Go home - be with loved ones and family
  • Write your goals down again

Follow half of this and see what happens to your business!

Literally, ask yourself and answer honestly, how closely does this resemble your day? What if you just started avoiding negative TV? Your production would go up just from that alone! What if you wrote down your goals twice a day? Would you be more focused? Would you be more centered and connected to purpose? Now, what would happen if you took the positive thinking and plugged it into massive outflow? What would happen then? Are you capable of much more? Are you operating at your highest potential? If the answer is no, then start incorporating this schedule into your daily life. Start with cutting out negative TV and build the habits of writing your goals down and daily training and motivation. Just do that for 2 weeks and get that dialed in. Build habits and lifestyles. Don't try stuff. Do it!


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    • profile image

      Elie 2 years ago

      Thanks David.

      I appreciate!


    • David R Bradley profile image

      David R Bradley 2 years ago from The Active Side of Infinity

      Elie -

      the 8 = 8 clients and the "walk in traffic" means if you have a retail store front. people who walk in

    • profile image

      Elie 2 years ago

      Hey David,

      Couple of questions I had about this schedule for a long time:

      -What does he mean when he says "How do I get in front of 8?" Does he means 8am, 8pm or 8 clients?

      -When he says: "Handle appointments and walk in traffic!" what does it means? Litterally walking and setting up appointments? I don't get it...

      My first language is french so I really want to get this right.

      Thanks for helping me sir.