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The Benefits of Working From Home

Updated on March 21, 2015

I have been working from home for the last five years as a freelance translator and foreign languages teacher of German and English and I would never go back to employed life. My life is much easier now and I am much more flexible with a substantially improved work-life-balance. I am able to take care of my dogs and walk them three times a day, I can have my meals at home, I can decide when and how much I work and I can fit in doctor's appointments, grocery shopping or walks in between my working hours without having to justify myself. As long as I get my work done and submitted on time, which is essential when you work as a translator, I can take time off whenever I need to.

Women Need to Be Flexible

Especially women need to be flexible if they plan on having children without giving up their career. Working from home will give women the chance to evolve in their job while at the same time raising their kids without neglecting them. There are still too many women, especially in developed countries, who decide not to have kids in order not to sacrifice their career. This is a serious threat to our social system. The working population needs to support retirees. The older a population gets, the harder it is to accomplish this. The more pensioners, the heavier the burden for the working population. That is why the need for children to be born is extremely high in some developed European countries such as Germany, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Austria.

Companies Need to Start Offering Their Employees More Flexibility

Why wouldn’t companies be interested in flexible work environments, the reduction in sick leave, a change of life quality and at the same time a positive economic outcome? Why should companies wait before making a step towards becoming a more flexible, modern and efficient company, always one step ahead of its competitors? There is one simple change companies implement that will generate positive results, form the basis for a satisfied and efficient workforce and make the company stronger than ever before.

Teleworking is the answer to the most common problems we are faced with on a daily basis such as a distracting work environment, stressful commutes between the office and home and the difficulty to manage time effectively. Working in a familiar environment will motivate employees to keep working for this company, reducing employee fluctuation. In addition, the company is able to enrich its workforce with professional and highly competent individuals from abroad that wouldn’t get the opportunity to work for the company if teleworking were not an option. Employing individuals from abroad will enable the company to become active in markets that were unattainable in the past and will at the same time extend the knowledge and information the company has access to.

We should not forget that each and every one of us can benefit from telework. No more headaches that get worse in a hectic office, personalized time management that gives us the flexibility to organize our working day independent of the prescribed working hours and better results due to the fact that we are able to create our own working rhythm leading to our personal best performance. Undisturbed by conflicts among employees and a negative working atmosphere, deadlines will be met on time and the probability of the occurrence of mistakes in reports and analyses will be reduced.

How to Guarantee Communication Between Employees and Managers

“How am I going to be able to control the work of my employees?” might be the biggest concern of managers. There is a very simple answer to that. Working from home doesn’t mean the communication among employees and supervisors will be reduced. It will only take place using modern multimedia technology, such as web-conferencing via Skype or gotomeeting, two powerful communication tools through which files can be sent and subsequently viewed or edited and sent back instantly, meetings can be held, results can be discussed and the supervisor is able to control the employees’ progress, even at a distance. If the manager should have concerns about the employee’s submitted work, individual meetings can be scheduled where issues can be discussed that don’t involve other employees. If the supervisor feels like there is the need to meet up personally, live-meetings can be scheduled on a regular basis where employees are updated on company news, where results are presented and where any difficulties that have arisen are discussed. Through the implementation of these actions, you will see that your company will benefit from telework, that you will create a powerful and motivated workforce and consequently a modernized and innovation-driven company with the major advantages that come with it.


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