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The Hard Road to Business Success for Women part 3

Updated on March 12, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

III. Women and Their Passions

Women are creative, inventive and resourceful. In that regard they are no different from their male counterparts. They have talent, intelligence and capabilities that allow them to pursue their dreams outside of the home. What stops them is that they lack the courage to endure the struggle it takes to be successful in the business world.

Some women just do not have what it takes to face the struggles of the business world nor do they have the fight in them that is needed to overcome all the problems that arise when pursuing their own goals and objectives. It takes a lot of stamina to see success, it also demands desire. If a woman wants to be successful in turning her passion into a business reality they need the right desire to succeed. Some women just do not possess that desire.

Their goals are not as lofty as the ones men create for their endeavors thus they are often left behind the pack to eke out a meager existence. The right goals are very important in business and to create these women need to put in a lot of thought and discussion. It is tedious work but to have the right direction one must create the right realistic goals

A woman has to know what she wants just like her ancient counterparts who left the home and sought out business or political opportunities. She needs to be single minded in her quest, not letting little problems and worries bog her down or bring down her business.

They also lack the support that most men possess in order to see their passion turned into reality. The right support, both mentally and financially makes all the difference in succeeding in business. Unfortunately historical ideological views about women in the workforce have not disappeared and women face an uphill struggle towards achieving success.

With perseverance this all can be done. Since women possess intelligence, shrewdness, wisdom and other mental abilities this is not out of reach nor is it as depressing as it sounds. It just takes smarts and apply those smarts correctly. It also takes research. Someone is not going to patronize a woman’s business simply because she is a woman. The woman turning her passion into a business reality must make sure she has a product the world can use or is lacking.

Research is vital in turning a passion into a successful business. One must know there is a market out there for them to enter. They also must search for and read the mistakes made by others so that they will not make the same mistakes as those who went before them.

The modern examples women have to follow and gain inspiration from are unlimited. Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey and Carole Black are but three examples from the entertainment and business worlds. Their perseverance and intelligence helped them overcome any problems they faced in their respective fields of employment and reach their objectives, giving them financial security for life.

Women can look to Condolezza Rice, Golda Meir, Hillary Clinton and other political figures to find their motivation to achieve their political aspirations. They succeeded in a man’s world paving the way for other women to follow.

For the sports world there is Chris Evert, Billie Jean King, the William sisters and ore in tennis, the WNBA players in basketball and leading women in their sports to draw support and encouragement from while persevering towards one’s athletic goals.

Women are not without trailblazers and inspiration. They can achieve the impossible if they are willing to pay the price for their efforts and desires. The question is- are women willing to pay the same costs as the men do when the latter strikes out on their own? Not everything will come easily, even though some people accuse the beautiful woman of having everything handed to her.

It takes patience, hard work and a will to win to achieve one’s goals, especially in the business world.

But one battle seems to be insurmountable at present.

IV. Women, Equality & Equal Pay

We cannot be sure if the ancient women mentioned earlier received true equality and true equal pay for equal work. The historical records are mute on this aspect of ancient life. Some societies seem to have handled this problem without too much trouble while others simply discriminated against women in favor of having their men bear the brunt of the employment load.

But for the modern woman today, this problem is all too real. It is a problem that will not go away for those in charge of businesses make their own decisions and have their own philosophies and those ideologies do not necessarily coincide with the thinking of those women who think they are being oppressed and mistreated.

These men decide who they will pay and what they will pay them. The opinions of others do not matter as they are more concerned about running their company and keeping it at profit. If they have to deprive women of equality and equal pay to do that then they will do just that. The survival of the business is far more important to them than the survival of women.

These CEOs also have shareholders to answer to. This group of investors is more worried about how much money they are making than they are about making sure women are getting a fair shake n the company. They simply do not share the views and struggles of those women who feel they have been discriminated against. The CEOs and shareholders may empathize or sympathize with those women who feel shortchanged but that is about as far as they will go. They will not lose their investment nor the company’s profit margin to make employment discrepancies right.

The fight for equality and equal pay face a very dominating force- the struggle for survival. The business owners and leaders will fight for their business survival while individual women fight for their own survival. Guess who is going to win?

Equal rights in the ideal are a great thing but in reality it is very difficult to achieve. There is always going to be some inequity in the workforce and this does not necessarily mean in favor of men. Women who have battled inequality have forgotten their lessons and what they are fighting once they feel they have achieved their goals. Finding themselves in the same position s as those they fought on their way up, they forget their ideals and do exactly the same thing as those they struggled against. The look at the bottom line and see that equality and equal pay will not work for the company so they continue the oppressive policies o their predecessors.

Fighting for equality and equal pay is not a bad thing but the fight cannot be fueled by idealism and unrealistic objectives. The fight must be kept in the realm of reality. Survival must be ensured for other the business and the employee, whether they are men or women.

Yes, throughout history women have been shortchanged but that does not mean that modern man must pay for the mistakes made by their ancient counterparts. Thinking needs to be changed and to change thinking means we may have to change human nature. Not everyone will want to change their thinking for they are motivated by different goals, different desires and to share equally and freely does not even come into their brains or enter into their moral fabric.

This means that the struggle for equality and equal pay is a moral issue as well as a business one. Morality means something different for everyone. As evidenced by the American struggle against slavery, not everyone thinks that only another human being is morally wrong. The same goes for this struggle of equality and equal pay. Not everyone thinks that paying women and treating them differently is morally wrong let alone wrong in and of itself.

The concept of equality and equal pay must be changed in the minds of those who think that way. Those minds will not change simply because a woman cries discrimination. Not everyone has a high regard for women or their honor.

This leaves the question will women have the courage and endurance to fight this fight? Another question is, do they have the high moral ground to base their case or are they exactly like their opponents, who do not care about morals and are not governed by them, and have no real foundation for their struggle against injustice?

The ancient philosopher Sun Tzu wrote in his book The Art of War, ‘know your enemy’ and in the fight for equality and equal pay women need t do just that—know their enemy. It is not always men who oppose them. A woman’s enemy in this struggle may even be themselves as they are very unprepared for the struggle they are trying to induce. Sometimes women just do not see the bigger picture and misread what is going on and create more problems than they solve.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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